Wednesday, March 12, 2003

I'm on call all of this week. I haven't been called in yet, but I find myself waking up a lot at night because I'm worried the pager will go off and I won't hear it! That would be bad. I got here to work today and found out that the night shift guy had called in for tonight! Not good, since I'm on call , that means I have to be here. But another lady volunteered to go home now and come and work tonight. yay! I could have worked it, but that would mean I get off tonight at 7:20 then clock back in at 10pm then out at 6am then in again at 11am and out again at 720 pm. I would have been a walking zombie! Plus, I would miss my husband and puppies to much.

It's wednesday so we have our meeting today. It is usually quite boring and since it is directly after lunch, I always want to take a nap while in there. Oh well. Hopefully time will pass quickly and 7 will be here so I can go home. Lately I just have not been in the mood to work. I'm tired of all the petty whining and bickering between people. Sick of people worrying if they are going to have to do more work than another person. It's ridiculous! I thought I had left that all behind in elementary school. Apparently I was morbidly mistaken. Okay off to the meeting. I hope everybody else has a fabulous day in comparison to mine! :)

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Sorry I haven't posted in a while. It was a very long weekend! We didn't do a whole lot. I took Gracy, my older dog, to the vet Saturday am. She is eleven years old! :) They said that whatever we were doing was good because she looks to be in better health than she was last year! yay! She got her shots and a treat and we were on our way. Went to the local police station to register the dogs. I always do that so I can say they are legal and if Ella gets away before we install the invisible fence I want her back! Gracy was never really a problem until recently with wondering. We always just let her out the door and she does her business and comes back. Lately though, if we don't come back and call her in right away she starts to wonder around which isn't good, because I don't want her to get hit!

Sunday I cleaned house for a lady at work! OMG! If I ever thought that my house was dirty I was terribly mistaken! She had dust bunnies the size of soccer balls and cat hair everywhere. I know that my dogs shed (and I have two of them) but this was just plain ridiculous! There was also dried up cat puke all over the house including underneath her bed and on her sheets. I just don't see how some people can live like that?! It wore me out big time, so afterwards I treated my dh and myself to a steak dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

I joined another webring. This one is called Waiting in Faith. It is for PCOS patients trying to concieve. Hopefully I will hear good news from them as opposed to all of the bad statistics I read on the internet which I have stopped reading. I don't like to hear it so I don't do it anymore. All part of my being optomistc plan. :)

Today I'm at work and it is really slow. We only have 12 cases to do today. We usually do close to 40. So I went to half price books and bought the Vagina Monologues. I've been meaning to read it for a while now. If anyone wants to buy it from me for say $7 just let me know. :) I should be done with it by tomorrow since it isn't a long book and I will be here until 7pm tonight with nothing to do. Well I have to get back to work unfortunately. Hopefully my life will get more exciting soon.