Thursday, April 17, 2003

I'm gonna be okay I think. AF hasn't arrived yet the OBGYN said it is okay for now. Hold out, if it doesn't come in a week, take another test. Do these people realize how long a freaking week is? Obviously not, they are probably one of those people that get pregnant just because they kissed their husband. :( (nothing against those of you who have no trouble getting prego) She did however call in a prescription for Clomid. I asked for it. I'm tired of this. Emotionally I just can't take it. I know that I haven't gone through this nearly as long as everyone else. You all are so brave. It's just that with my previous hx of depression and such, I just don't know how much more of it that I can take before it drives me into the ground for good. I need a bit of happiness. In fact, I deserve a little happiness. We all do. We just don't realize it. But we should though. We are all wonderful.

I told dh this morning to not worry about multiples. I'm not taking shots of clomid, just the oral version *that is if AF ever decides to come* which should lower the risks of multiple births. My rational to him was that if we can't get one what makes him think we would get two? Though deep down inside I think twins would be cool, though a ton of trouble, considering I already have Ella (my puppy!) who thinks that I am her mom. She is so big! She turned 1 year old this month!! Right now Ella is sitting in the chair a few feet away from me. She is pretty tired. Me too. I should go to bed.

Tomorrow I have to get up at the crack of dawn to clean a house. Then I'm off to work, and afterwards, I'm going to babysit. **yawn** I'm tired just thinking about it. Oh! My stepdad is having surgery on his spine tomorrow (they are going through his neck! eek!). So please keep him in your thoughts. I told him it was a walk in the park and for the most part should be easy for him since he'll be knocked out. (thank God for propofol!) heh I also told him it's like walking across the street, millions do it every day. Although once in a while one will get hit by a gravel truck. ROTFL Thank goodness he thought it was funny. :)

Okay off to bed. And if you guys don't mind, will you still keep hoping that I'm pregnant? I know that it's a shot in the dark but maybe it could happen, right Lily? ;) If not, hope that this clomid works right away! Good night and sweet dreams to all. I sometimes wish I could meet every one of you fabulous women who share your lives with me. You guys are truly awesome. Kind of like a sorority (right Dawn?) :) Kappa Kappa Blog *heh I crack myself up!*
It was negative. And quite frankly I wish I hadn't taken it. I knew I wasn't. This just made it more real to me. Depressing.

Wednesday, April 16, 2003

It didn't work. I took a "generic" pregnancy test this morning and didn't get anything. No lines. Dh asks, "what does that mean?" It means it didn't work, try again next time. I go downstairs and start playing on the computer. A few minutes later ( I believe when he realized it was a generic test) I hear him yelling " Why didn't you buy the expensive test? These are just like throwing money down the drain!" This is funny when you know that my husband is the cheapest man on this Earth. If it comes in generic, he buys it. He would even buy the hard scratchy 1-ply toilet paper if I let him. (And believe me he has tried!)

So today after work I went to Sam's Club and bought a ham and pregnancy tests. 3 EPT tests to be exact. And they were only $15 bucks! For three of them! What a deal! :)

I've been really sore lately and extremely tired. I haven't a clue as to why. Most people are convinced I'm pregnant. I'm not though. I don't think I am to be truthful. It seems like this far off concept that my body is not capable of achieving. Hopefully I'll be morbidly wrong.

Speaking of morbid *hehe* todays inservice at work was presented by a deputy coroner of Marion County (Indianapolis). He gave a very interesting presentation along with very detailed pictures of maggots and mice and people eating dogs. Lovely. Now when I write this I'm feeling great but at the time I felt very sick. Very very sick. (which also led others to believe I am prego) Anyways as he is showing these pictures I'm looking for the nearest exit because I think I have to puke which to be honest is amazing because things like that don't usually make me puke. People puking makes me puke. Not pictures. Not even pictures of decomposing, maggot infested bodies. But enough about that.

So I've got these three EPT tests. I guess I'll wait till morning. Yeah, I'll wait till morning. :) Goodnight ladies and gents, sweet dreams.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

I'm still not feeling like myself. :( AF has not shown up and I'm having mixed emotions. I know that if I take a pregnancy test then I'll know but that will bring on even more emotions. For example, if I'm not pregnant besides the fact that I will be terribly upset, I will be worried and anxious as to why I haven't had AF. If I am I'll be so elated that I might actually bust and feel happy. I think I'll go home early today and take the test while dh isn't around. I don't know why but I really feel like it is something I need to do by myself. Is that weird?

My husband found out that he can graduate by December with a degree in general studies. Yeah, it isn't finance and business like he wants, but at least he will have a degree and a chance to either move up in the company he is currently in or change companies. So that is exciting. I'll have to throw him a graduation party. Hopefully by then we will have baby on the way! And I can go back to school and get my degree. **sigh**

It was already 70 degrees when I came here this morning. The awful part about my job is that there are no windows whatsoever. I feel like I am trapped inside a pit. I just want to be home. And I'm absolutely exhausted.

More on my dream. Remember the dream I told you yesterday? Well last night I was fiddling around on the computer trying to pass some time. I went to babycenter and entered in the first day of my last period just for the heck of it! Well that was March 7 and it comes up to say (that if I was pregnant) I would be five weeks pregnant just like in the dream!!! Is that weird? I know that is probably just like some subconscious dream calendar that I have in my head but that is a pretty funky coincedence in my eyes. Could it actually be that I'm pregnant? It's almost a concept my brain can't comprehend. Now if I could only get home to that test...

Monday, April 14, 2003

I'm a bit on the anxious side. Completely irritated and sick of work. I know I say this everyday but I really and truly am sick of it all. I'm not liking the people or the hours or the inconvience. I just want to be home. I think a part of the reason I am anxious is because I'm late. I took my last dose of progesterone on Friday. I should have started by now. That whole Progesterone withdraw thing should have kicked in. But here I sit, Monday afternoon, and AF is no where to be seen. Someone said to take a test but I don't think they realize how hard it is to take a pregnancy test and find out you aren't pregnant. The disappointment is almost unbearable.

I had this dream a few days ago. In the dream I was five weeks pregnant and talking with this girl at work who is also pregnant. The thing that is odd is that this chick and I NEVER talk to each other. I don't think I've ever even said hi to the lady. Weird, huh? And the dream was the kind of dream that was so real. I woke up with a smile on my face just to realize that it was a dream. Only a dream. How sad.

Now if you'll excuse me I must go back to the pit of hell some call work.
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