Thursday, September 27, 2007

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Anne Carson

Anne Carson
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20" waist
23" hips
21" rise
12.5 thigh
12" inseam

seed stitch cuff
elastic waistband

Knit with "Good Earth" on Beaverslide- dyed by A Time To Dye

A Gift for Baby Alex

A gift for a sweet sweet Mama who has had a very rough pregnancy and will be bringing her little boy into this world on Tuesday.

Yarn donated by another sweet Mama, Lamar. :-)
Mommy Made Pajammies

First set of Pajammies. Two more pairs of pants and one more shirt to go. She likes them a lot. I like that they are nice and roomy. The sleeves and pant legs do have a bit of growing room cause she seems to be on a length spurt recently. But her hands actually come out of the arms, she's holding them up for some silly reason.