Tuesday, September 12, 2006

For All The Cat Lovers


Sunday, September 10, 2006

3 Month Growth Spurts

I know I'm not doing well with the updating. Honestly, days pass by like hours around here. I'm not even getting stuff done that I *need* to be doing, like some knitting projects for both the girls and some stuff I wanted knitted for Manda since she was so kind to give me her PIS in trade. (I'm GOING to send that package out this week. I promise Manda! okay!? i promise!)

But this isn't going to be the greatest update. Carmina is going through her three month growth spurt. This girl is BIG. But she isn't chubby, she's LONG. My goodness. She almost comes up to Magdalena's shoulders when we stand them next to each other! Magdalena is my petite, lean toddler and Carmina is my tall, lean baby but they are both incredibly gorgeous. So gorgeous it makes me want to cry. And it makes Erich want to start digging the moat around the house because, dude, these girls are going to have boys lined up!

SO yeah, Carmina is growth spurting which means that she refused to unlatch for more than 5 seconds last night and she was fidgety and restless and she didn't want me to hold her but she didn't want to nurse at some points and she didn't want me to burp her but she wanted to sleep but she couldn't get into that place where sleep was nice and deep and lovely which means, that I did not sleep well. **yawn** And the toddler woke up FULL of energy! yay! I'm gonna take a LONG nap with Carmina and I'm going to convince Magdalena to lay down with some books and hope that she falls asleep after a few minutes and takes a long nap too.