Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Say Cheese!

This morning I had portraits taken of the family. These were real portraits to. I was really excited because they weren't going to be the usual Sears or JCPenny portraits, these were going to be done by a professional photographer in town. This is the guy who took pictures of our wedding. So excited, and I'm sure it's cool to see us walk down the aisle and then capture us as a new family of four.

So I get up this morning, shower, do my hair and start getting everyone dressed. Both girls had baths last night (Carmina had her first tub bath!) but Magdalena climbed in the shower with me this morning, so she was extra squeaky clean. I dressed them both in cute jean dresses and t shirts and Erich had his nice khaki shorts on. I even put on some prepregnancy pants!

We get to the studio and everyone acts like the camera is shooting arrows at them. I kid you not. Magdalena LOVES to have her picture taken, but not today. The camera man annoyed her then she KNOCKED DOWN A BACKDROP. To say I was mortified, would be the understatement of the year. Carmina screamed. I nursed her, she'd act as if she was going to doze off then SCREAM again. Heh. It was lovely. She did open her eyes a bit and Erich smiled pretty well and then I was able to convince Magdalena to say cheese and not stick her tongue out at the same time while the photographer lured her with candy. I think they'll be OK.

We had our picture taken outside as a family of four. I'm excited to see them. I'll go on Friday to look at them and pick stuff out and hand over my wallet. I'm also taking my mom with me so that she can um, bring her wallet too. ;)

So I'm exhausted now, and it isn't even noon.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

10 Days

Today was Carmina's due date. We're all so glad to have had these last ten days getting to know her. We're all completely in love.