Saturday, July 12, 2003

11 weeks today! I took a look in "your pregnancy week by week" and it shows an actual size of how big the baby is. He's huge! I can't believe that that little speck on a piece of paper has gotten that big! And it is inside of me! Wow. That's wild.

Friday, July 11, 2003

This is stinking hilarious.
Ya know, amazingly I'm feeling pretty good today (POUND ON WOOD!) My headache is a barely noticeable dull thing. The antibiotics must be kicking in and letting all that stuff out of my head because I'm not feeling so "stuffed". And maybe just maybe I'm getting close enough to second trimester that those hormones are calming down a bit and letting the placenta work. Even the light cramping from this morning is gone. I sure hope that kid is alright in there. Does everyone worry about this when they stop feeling sick?
Okay so I fell up the stairs this morning. That's right, I fell UP the stairs. heh. I'm fine really I am. Just mild cramping, no bleeding. Everyone else seemed more worried then me, I called the OB and she said that as long as I wasn't bleeding that I shouldn't worry. The cramping is probably from the stress. Yeah well nobody ever called me graceful.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

I swear that the next person who comes up to me and says "Oh you poor thing, you get sick all day? I never once got sick during any of my 15 pregnancies" I will slap. Slap really really really really really really hard. I MEAN IT TOO!
I played with the template on my pregnancy blog. Please tell me what you think.
Why is it that my puppy dog, Ella, has to sleep in between Erich and I at night? I wake up with no covers because she anchors them to the middle of the bed and makes it IMPOSSIBLE to move. If she can't crawl in between us she sprawls across my legs. If she can't do that, she nudges her way up the side of me and sleeps in that little crook your body makes when you lay on your side. She even nudges her head underneath my arm so I have my arms around her. She is dying for my attention lately. She knows whats going on. It breaks my heart, but we are going to have to break her of sleeping in our bed BEFORE the baby gets here. I don't want her to associate baby as being the reason to be kicked out of bed. If she would lay at my feet (not Erichs, his feet hang over the bed since he is 6'4") it would be fine. I want a co-sleeper so I reason my body would cover up the opening to the sleeper. If she would stay at my feet like she used to it would be better but the farther we get in the pregnancy the closer she needs to be near me. I look at her and she loves me so much and I can tell just by her eyes. Is this what it will be like when I look at my baby?

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

I'm sorry I've just been really out of it lately. Went to the PCP and she diagnosed me with acute sinusitis. No duh. Which the sinus headache makes me dizzy, dizzy makes me puke, puke makes you feel awful, yet I still feel hungry and the cycle starts all over again. The storms have really been a hinder on my mood. Flooding all over around here and lightning that struck the steeple of my church. I didn't think God stroke his own, but it goes to show you. So every time I walk out my door I feel sadness in my heart (my house faces the church and you can see it from my LR window.) Erich says you can't hear the bells in the morning when church would start. It's a mixed blessing, I guess.

The basement is flooded so the carpet is smooshy. I gave in today and bought a deep cleaner since our little green machine just wasn't cutting it. So far I've pulled 2 1/2 gallons of water out of it. If it would freaking stop raining, I'm sure it would dry. It's just damp now so I'm hoping that with the fan running, things will look better in the morning.

I've been so gosh darn tired lately too. It's probably a combination of pregnancy, keeping up with this house, and my sinus cold. Come on second trimester energy. I'm so close to second trimester I can taste it. Yum. 10 weeks 4 days. Double digits. Man does it feel great.

I'm not complaining guys, just feeling a bit under the weather. (no pun intended). I usually enjoy summer storms but when it rains 8 hours every night it just brings awful things all over here. Crops are under rivers and I know that that is going to affect a bunch of my friends parents and such. I live in a small farming community. Crops are a big deal around here.

In brighter news, Rachel and Beanmom sent me books for my birthday. Aren't they the greatest? I think so. :)

With that, even though it is only 8:30, I'm going to go to bed and watch TV and read my new books and hope to stay awake until my very very hot husband comes home. :) Have I mentioned that I love him more than life itself?

Monday, July 07, 2003

Rachel rocks my world. I'll explain later, but right now I'm currently dying from a sinus headache/cold and pregnancy pukiness. Urgh.
Grab your boob... Latch on.... GO!
It was such a long weekend, and there is tons to tell, but not right now.
These really suck lately, but I'll try my best.

  1. Fashion show:: ho
  2. Boundaries:: lines
  3. Roadkill:: road rules
  4. Narcissistic:: flower
  5. Authority:: rules
  6. Martini:: olive
  7. Personality:: "cause you've got..."
  8. Comfortable:: pants
  9. Symptom:: morning sickness
  10. Dating:: sucks