Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hot Hot Hot

It's MAY fercryingoutloud! It isn't supposed to be 90 stinking degrees outside! I'm miserable. I can't say that enough. I made Erich put the window a/c unit in our bedroom last night. I couldn't really sleep the night before, and it was even hotter yesterday. We ended up spending a large chunk of time outside at my Mom's house in the 90* hot humid heat and I started to look, well, large. Erich made the comment that I looked a bit bigger. I asked if it was bigger in tummy or just bigger and if the change had come from the day before. Definitely was a difference from the day before and I attributed it to heat and swelling. So we sorta enjoyed a cool night, but I was still sweating even with the a/c on.

I'm a bit on guard at this point. I'm 36 weeks today and at this point in my pregnancy with Magdalena, my blood pressure was creeping up, I started swelling and my hours were cut at work. By the 37th week I was on limited bed rest (only get up if you really really have to), and she was delivered at 38 weeks when my body said "I'm done with this stuff!" So the swelling starts to make me nervous, even though my blood pressure was great last week (108/60) and I know it's just really really hot outside.

Things seem to be gearing up inside my body. Apparently my uterus didn't get the memo that I scheduled a csection. I've had almost constant contractions with intermittent breaks here and there. They are consistent, they have no pattern. Some hurt, some don't. There is definite cervical pressure and pain though. I popped my hip during my "nap" this afternoon (it really wasn't a nap, it was me trying to get in a comfy position with Magdalena crawling around on my head for a few hours). After my hip popped I felt bambina slide right into my pelvis, which was a really weird feeling. Since then, more intense cervix pressure and cramping.

I was told by my OB to go into labor this weekend. She's on call, it's air conditioned at the hospital (heh), and since bambina is smaller she has a greater chance of making it out. Erich is down with that game plan. I'm feeling like if my water would just stinking break I'd be golden. She'd be coming out either way. Even if I didn't go into labor, they'd section me now and put me out of my misery. Erich has had some grand ideas about how to go about getting my water to break, but his ideas sound none to appealing thankyouverymuch.

Other than that, things are good. Bambina was transverse at my last appointment, but now I feel like she's firmly head down. Not that it really matters you know, unless I go into labor. I'm feeling okay with the idea of the section and the idea of doing this on my own. I know that if it's meant to be, I'll go into labor and try the vag exit route. If not, it isn't. I'm at peace with our decisions, and I know that they are the right ones for our particular situation. I'm not scared of labor, I've had vivid flashbacks of my 26 hours of labor (22 unmedicated on pit!) and if it's going to happen, I just wish this show would get on the road! On Wednesday we have another ultrasound. Still measuring large and she wants to make sure everything is okay in there since I did decline genetic testing. I'm very uneasy about stuff. I'm worried that she is really a he, I'm worried that she has a cleft lip (seriously need to stop visiting pregnancy boards!), I'm just feeling worried. So the ultrasound will hopefully put my mind at ease.

I just realized that three years ago, on the Sunday before Memorial Day, we found out that Magdalena was on her way. It's been a crazy 3 years!