Friday, December 10, 2004


"I love my husband he is the greatest. I love my husband he is the greatest...."

So for a few days there has been this soury smell in the kitchen. I've been searching high and low for it. I put a new refridgerator deodorizer in, searched for rotten food, moved the microwave, and cleaned the drains out with baking soda and vinegar. Erich always says it's me, haha. So anyways, I decided to move this dresser and mop underneath it. I was on the phone with Erich while doing this. So I move the dresser and what do I find? A banana. A black banana that is. I say, "oh gross Erich there is a banana under here." His response? "Oh yeah, I meant to go after that. Man that was a long time ago." Grrr.


Okay, so here is the lowdown. I started my period again. It is obvious by my last chart that ovulation did not occur. Dr. B (my obgyn) wants me to cycle 2 more times and then we can do clomid.

At the appointment on November 22 we talked about my PCOS. She believes that I am very borderline if I have it at all and was not pleased with the way things were handled last time. She thinks that since I didn't bleed when they gave me clomid that I might have already been pregnant or ovulated on my own. She doesn't have a problem with TTC and breastfeeding but she wanted me to wean when I got pregnant. (Heh, that won't happen but I thought it best to leave that discussion for another day) So three cycles (1 down and I'm in the middle of the 2nd cycle) and then the drugs will come my way. I don't have to wait the 6 months since I have a previous diagnosis of infertility due to PCOS. Wee.

Before anyone may think of leaving a comment and flaming me for my decision to take clomid while nursing, please know that I have done my share of research on the subject. I have made an educated decision with the help of breastfeeding peers who have taken clomid, LLL leaders, LLL friends, and my healthcare provider. Please know that I would never intentionally do anything that would harm Magdalena, myself, or any future children.

We did talk a great deal about a VBAC and how my labor was handled. I'll have to address that in a different post, but it was very interesting. I'll try tomorrow, okay? :)

Magdalena is chilling in my lap. She's in that half second right before your eyes shut permanently. Posted by Hello

Apparently nursing wasn't needed, she fell asleep in my lap. Posted by Hello


Wow, where does time go? Every time I approach the computer Magdalena decides she wants to wake up/nurse/me to play with her... The list grows. I've been writing down things that I'd like to update you on when I sit down to read my favorites quickly. Magdalena was playing happily with her keyboard but that has ended. ---- There now she's nursing. We rearranged some furniture and made ourselves an L shaped computer table which has made it a little easier to nurse an ever growing baby. So here goes with the list (and it's long folks...)

  • Magdalena has the stomach flu. I called the doctor only to see if it was okay to give her some Pedialyte. I figured she was fine and has the runs considering that she was happy and wet (eyes, nose, mouth, bottom.) The triage nurse made it sound like I was awful for not wanting to bring her in since "little babies get bad fast." SO I felt like bad mother of the year and took her in. She needed the second dose of prevnar anyways so I figured I could kill two birds with one stone. (I'm not paying that copay to often. And January 1st our copay goes from $10 to $20. Ouch.) Magdalena weighs 17lbs 3oz. (3oz of diaper) So I'm not thinking she is going to make my prediction of 18lbs. We saw the doctor on call and I DO NOT like her. She quizzed me trying to find something "that I'm doing wrong." (her words) When she couldn't find anything ie am I giving her cows milk (yeah through my milk. heh) she started to hassle me about giving her vitamins. Grr. She doesn't need vitamins. My milk is perfect for her and she's been drinking city water and gets exposed to sunlight. The lady drove me nuts. Oh well.

  • Magdalena can now climb an entire flight of stairs without trying to sit down or losing her balance. We've caught her standing on her own and can walk along things with one hand now. She does the "indian call" and she also claps Patty Cake. (She claps and says Pa Pa Baby Pa Pa Baby. Very cute) She also likes to crawl over the tub and stand up and say "Baa Baa!" It's amazing the things she picks up on a daily basis. She's a little sponge.

  • Chris has become a blog I check frequently. I really like her, she's funny, and she's about to have a baby! So if you haven't discovered this wonderful woman, please do so.

  • Magdalena is cutting teeth like crazy. I've discovered the teeth numbers 7 and 8 have appeared and I can see the white nubs of numbers 9, 10, 11, and 12. Wowee. Poor baby.

  • Erich continues his job search. He has a job now, but since completing his degree he is working on finding a better job. He is currently in a situation where he really has no room to grow. He is applying internally for different branches and is really just looking everywhere. He is look at even relocating though hasn't looked on the East Coast (where some of my favorite blogger gals live. hrmph.) He's looking at Cincy, Chicago, and St. Louis but honestly I'd like to stay around here. I like being close to my Mom. I'm hoping he finds something around here. I don't mind moving to Illinois or Ohio but I DON'T want to move to Missouri.

  • I'm thinking about Magdalena's Birthday Party. We are having a princess party because she is a princess, remember? More details to follow once I get there. I should start thinking about it but honestly I'm trying to get through the holidays.
Okay, I need to update about BB#2 but I need to nurse Magdalena to sleep. I'm going to update the BB#2 stuff in two minutes. Promise.