Thursday, April 10, 2003

OUCH! I think I have a UTI. :( I was doing a bit of reading about them and the hubby wanted to know how I got it. Causes are frequent intercourse or pregnancy *and short ureters(girls have shorter ureters than boys)* Hmmm gee maybe I'm pregnant?

Highly doubtful. I know this doesn't sound optimistic but I'm beginning to think that that concept is impossible.
There's no place like home **tap, tap, tap** There's no place like home **tap, tap, tap**....

I want to go home! Work is becoming more boring by the minute. I hate this shift. I don't really giving a flying crap if everybody had to work this shift when they started. It absolutely sucks. Dan had a heart attack which means I may move up to his 7 to 1500 shift while he is away which could be a good thing (obviously not him having a heart attack but me going to days). Maybe once I get there they will see how they don't need me till 1900 and let me work 9a to 5p like I've been begging to. Or maybe they would let me work 10 hour shifts 9a to 1900 and let me have a day of rest. I get nothing done on this shift.

I have so much stuff I want to do at home. I want to work on my sofa covers. Did I tell you that my grandma gave me the old couch my mother had? I put it in the basement in the family room. I want to slipcover that and the sofa in the formal living room. I want to make the blinds with cloth tapes on them for the master bedroom and curtains for the formal living room. I want the blinds in the living room replaced also. I WANT TO GET PREGNANT SO I CAN DECORATE THE SPARE BEDROOM! Obviously the baby would be with us for a long time in our room but he will eventually need a room of his own.

I want it to be warm so I can go out and work in the flower beds and on my pond with the waterfall. I want to put window boxes up outside on the windows that face the deck. I want to paint the picnic table my stepdad gave us.

I want even go into the redecorating I want to do in the kitchen. Sheesh! :) It's time to take the house I grew up in and make it the house I create a home in for my family.

And damnit, I can't do that while I am here at work! I'm going back now to bust my butt and get out of here early! Besides having a few errands to run, it's Thursday. And we all know what that means! PRIME TIME TV!

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

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Tuesday, April 08, 2003

Many thanks to all the ladies who left me comments the other day during my "breakdown" It meant tons. :) And a special thanks to BabyBaby for calling me a princess. I once read a sign that said "sometimes you just have to be the princess you really are" :) And remember BabyBaby, good things come to those who wait. And this may be the only time I am somewhat patient. You are in my prayers and Congratulations! You deserve it!

It's been busy around here! :) Work is slow though and I came home early and hung out with my mother. I ran to Sam's Club and bought a jacket for Papa; tomorrow is his 73rd birthday! The jacket was a nice "three season" with thermal lining. Thought it might come in handy for this crazy Indiana weather and it was only $12! Not that I wouldn't spend tons on my Papa because he is awesome, but we are on a budget people! That and they come over for breakfast like every other day (impending on a princess's(?) (***dangit where is that little cartoon beanmom found when I need it!***) beauty rest BabyBaby!) Yes, they are coming for breakfast in the morning. Buttermilk pancakes, sausage, and eggs I believe. OJ and coffee will also be served. Just call me Suzy Homemaker (although I hate for my name to be shortened) Everybody at work calls me that.

Did I mention that my Papa is the greatest? Him and my father were really close. My dad was his only biological son (they have 6 kids, the first three were from my grandmas previous marriage. From what I hear, the other dude was a real jerk.) We told Papa that the first son we got we were planning on naming Kevin Clayton *** *** after my father. We would have my maiden name and my married name at the end. So it would kinda be like he has two middle names like me. I just tacked my married name on the end without the hyphen! Four really long long names. I must have been crazy! Sometimes I wish I would have met a Smith or Brown or something even shorter. But heck, what fun would it be to go through life with a boring name like Smith or Brown (truly no offense meant to anyone!)? Okay I'm babbling. I'm off to bed. Suzy Homemaker has to be up early to make the world breakfast...