Thursday, November 11, 2004


What happened to the rest of the week? Don't have enough time to play catch up but tooth numbers 5 and 6 are finally through. **insert angelic singing here** So we're back to normal around here (whatever that is). Erich has the day off, I had to work, and now we are heading out to see some friends.

Oh, and I started my period over the weekend. Which means two things. I ovulated this month as suspected and I had to take an emergency trip to see a friend and buy some cloth menstrual pads sorta like these but made by a WAHM. I love them. I don't have enough. And Erich is angry that I didn't buy more. Now mind you, had I bought more, he would have been angry I spent so much money. Men. Anyways. This household has gotten pretty crispy and we've started some other stuff that would just boggle some peoples minds. If you are really curious and can't stand it, you may email me and I'll tell you what's going on around here. It isn't all that interesting but I'm sure many of you are probably scratching your heads and wondering why I even mentioned it. I mentioned it because it feels great to have made this change in my household and I'M LOVING IT!

Oh we also watched the movie "supersize me" and have vowed to never eat fast food again. :)