Monday, August 07, 2006

Nursing Babies, Nursing Toddlers

There is a lot of talk about the babytalk magazine lately. Erich heard them talking about it on the Bob and Tom Show (scroll down to see a comment and picture of of their take on the babytalk issue) where they talked about the benefits to both mother and baby while breastfeeding. I really enjoyed hearing about an all male radio show encouraging breastfeeding, and Erich has said that this isn't the first time breastfeeding has been referenced in this show.

I think my main problem with this scenario is not only the lack of breastfeeding in our society today, but the pettyness of it all and the fact that people can be so immature. Grow up people. It's a breast. I have two of them, in fact we all have them. I have a picture of Magdalena nursing somewhere, but I think I'd rather share one of Carmina. I don't have one of both of them nursing, though that's on my list of things to get before M weans (which I don't see coming anytime soon btw). I do want a picture so they can both have a copy so they can see how they loved on each other so early. Generally Carmina watches Magdalena and smiles at her while Magdalena strokes Carmina's hair. It's a beautiful time. We generally sit down together after bathtime and nurse. All three of us girls enjoying quiet peaceful time just loving each other. :)