Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Spring Is In The Air

It's been absolutely beautiful here. Last night was the first night in over a week that it was cold and it was only about 40 degrees. I turned the heat off last Tuesday and hadn't turned it on in over a week. This morning I turned it on for an hour or so because it was about 55 degrees in here, but once it warmed up to 70 and the sun was shining in the windows there was no need for it. It's so nice without the heat running constantly!

Erich, Magdalena, and I spent a lot of time outside on Saturday. Magdalena and I ran errands Saturday AM and Erich went out to work in the yard. I found two great garage sales where I picked up a computer, monitor, and box of goodies to go with it for $5. This was obviously for Erich. The computer is incredibly old, but the monitor is the same one we use for the desktop downstairs, so it was a good find. And I hit up a sale that had kids clothes for Magdalena and bought her some incredibly cute outfits for both summer and fall. I got about 5 or 6 outfits for under $10. They are all Gap, Old Navy, Carters, and Hartstrings, so I'm pretty stoked about that. I'm looking forward to more garage saling to fill in the gaps of her summer and fall wardrobe! I'm currently buying 12 month clothes for summer as she's just not starting to really fit 9-12 month stuff 18 month/2T stuff for the fall/winter. I'm lucky that she wears clothes for an incredibly long time. She's a tiny girl, but she has gotten good use of all of her clothes. And to those of you who have given us clothes, we are incredibly grateful! She wears all of them and often I put her in something and say "look Erich, that was given to us by Beanmom or Rachel or Dani."

Saturday afternoon we went up to mom's house and Erich and I ended up planting 5 trees up there. Magdalena had fun planting flowers with Grammy too.

Sunday Erichs parents came over. The came over for lunch so Erich and I were up at 6am outside working on flowers and such. We planted flowers on the front porch, flower beds, and on back deck. We picked up all the crap that accumulates on the back deck and I felt incredibly happy to declutter a lot of stuff. The front and back of the house feel like a brand new place.

That is what our weekend was like. I'm headed back out in a few minutes with the girls to resume play outside after naptime. They have some chalk out there that they want to play with and T wants to help me de-leaf the front flower beds. It's a bit chilly outside, but the sun is bright and shining and there is absolutely no reason for us to be inside! T also wants to get in the sandbox (we got that on Sunday) as she's never been in it. I think it is a bit to windy outside though and I don't want sand in eyes. I'm getting excited about all the reading I'll get to do while the girls play in that sandbox this summer! It should be great.

Monday, April 11, 2005

TTC Game

If anyone is following along as Erich and I play the TTC Game, today is cycle day 1. Let's here it for another January baby!

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Princess Pictures

We're around. Just enjoying the beautiful weather. Magdalena got a sandbox today! :) You can see a picture of her in it at the fotolog. Here are two pictures. (Everyone loves sandy baby toes, right?)