Sunday, July 30, 2006

Would you like the extended warranty?

YES! SAY YES! My laptop is broken, AGAIN! This time it was covered by the extended warranty and is in California. Power supply failure. You're probably saying "but Suzanne, doesn't your husband fix computers?" Yes yes he does, he just doesn't have time to fix *my* computer, thus we have the extended warranty. I say all this to complain and explain why my already infrequent updates get even more infrequent.

Life is SO busy around here. I've been busy knitting, keeping up with the house, a newborn, a toddler and it's so tiring! And to top it all off, we are heading into canning season. I canned 12 quarts of green beans last week. The tomatoes and pears are headed my way very very soon. My mom has been freezing corn too.

Did I mention that we kept Carmina's placenta? Well, we did. It's currently in a bucket frozen in my moms deep freeze surrounded by corn. heh. My mom is a little worried that my stepbrother is going to open it up. I think that's hilarious actually. I peaked in on it on Saturday and it was so cool. The part I could see was fetal side with that tiny cord. It's amazing that my body grew that and that fed a baby that lived INSIDE of me. It's just wild if you ask me.

Anyway, I'm typing this from our living room on our brand new computer. It's a desktop and it's the new family computer. (And dude, it's a dell. heh.) Anyway, this computer is the Media Center edition so it's like a brand new TIVO and I'm more than a little thrilled with this. I have it programmed to record something every single minute of the day, except for like four hours in the wee hours of morning when all that's on is paid programming. Erich laughed at me when I told him I actually went through the guide and found stuff to record at times that our favorite shows weren't on. I just told him that I'm trying to make sure that we really get our money out of buying cable each month. Heh.

I'm procrastinating right now though. Everyone is asleep. I need to bring the IPod over and update the songlists and such because tomorrow we are going to be in the car all morning. I have to run to the bank and do tedious tasks there. And I have to make a stop at half price books and drop off my paperwork at the mothers milk bank. I also need to make a return at Lowes and I'm hoping to go drool inside my local yarn store. So this means I need to get up early and get us out of here and back by the afternoon because the 2 year old turns into a pumpkin at noon. (well not a pumpkin but a pile of screaming toddler.)