Friday, February 21, 2003

I'm sick. YUCK. I have a headache-becoming-a-migraine that has persisted to get worse and worse since last night. My tummy is turning and my head is spinning. I feel like I'm going to toss my cookies. :( Work has been really slow today and it looks like Monday is going to be just as slow. I may have to go home today. Who wants a sick person coming to get them for surgery? It would make me nervous if some obviously sick girl came to get them for a surgery in which their belly would be open and then sick girl would be in the room. Can we say infection?

I joined the FLYLADY group. It sounds like a pretty smart way of getting and keeping the house in shape. My husband is just as excited.

Okay I gotta go "toss my cookies" Sorry for the graphic description, girls. I'll write more later after I take some (baby-safe) drugs. No, I don't know if I am pregnant, I don't think I am, but the OBGYN went ahead and prescribed me baby-safe medicine for my migraines just in case we get there. :) Drugs are a beautiful thing...

Thursday, February 20, 2003

I feel like I am just kinda here. It is terribly slow today at work. I'm looking forward to 3:00 though because that is when we get our checks. I would like to just go home then and pay bills! and clean my house, but maybe not. I need to stay here to make money because we need it so desperately. But I hate it when it is slow and I finished my book *by the way it was awesome! you should read it too* I'm going to join this "FLY LADY" person I keep hearing about. I'll give you a link when I get home from work. Tomorrow is supposed to be slow too. I have SO MUCH to do I may slip out of here early but take VTO *voluntary time off. you don't get paid but you get the hours credited to you so you get your retention bonus. the rb comes around quarterly and you have to have worked like at least 500 hours to get it. VTO allows you to go but still get the hours so you get the bonus. And it saves the department money.*
I can't believe it is Thursday. PRIME TIME TV! whoopee. Which is why I'd like to go home early. So I can clean and then sit down with the laundry and watch my shows. Ella got a bath this morning. The husband and I jumped in the shower and had to take her in there with us (so she doesn't find her way into trouble). When we got out I told him to just throw her in too. But the older dog, Gracy, the one who has bladder control issues, needs a bath too. If I got home early I could do that and blow dry her. (it's too cold outside and in our drafty 100 yr old house to leave her wet)
I'm gonna go find the Thursday Thumb Twiddler and see if it is worth completing. I'll talk at you later. Adios....

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

I didn't take the test. I'm a chicken. :) I think I'm just going to wait it out and stop thinking about it. It's kinda stressing me out which doesn't help the getting pregnant part. So I'm just going to enjoy the "getting" pregnant part **wink wink** and see what happens. :)

Not much of a big day. Went to work and then the Suture Boys took us out to bw3's for happy hour. It was cool to hang out with the people I work with all day. They are a fun group. Not to mention the suture guy Gary is a lot of fun ** I have to suck up to him because 1) he did me a favor and 2) he made me tell him my blogsite addy so he's gonna come visit. :) But he really is cool, and he got lucky on Valentines Day because I gave him a good idea. :) LOL Okay I'm going back to my book. Talk atcha later!

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Okay everybody is driving me nuts today. I am not pregnant, if I am, I don't know it. I'm tired of walking the halls at work and seeing big pregnant bellies. And all those babies! I want one! I'm tired of people asking me "are you pregnant?" NO! I AM NOT ******* PREGNANT! I WILL LET YOU KNOW! And there is the other, "heh, well are you doing it right?" urgh. If little girls who haven't graduated high school can concieve I am sure that my husband and myself, two college educated individuals, can concieve. STOP ASKING. IT ISN'T HELPING.

It's my body and it is stupid. Stupid, stupid body. The medicine that is supposed to make my body work right makes me so terribly terribly sick. I hate it. :( But I want a baby so bad. And I might be pregnant. I've been on this medicine almost three weeks. Maybe my body got the message released an egg and my hunny's "swimmers" greeted it with open arms. Okay so that was a bit graphic, but it's highly possible, right? **agree with me, I'm trying to be positive" So with that in mind I bought a pregnancy test. Two to be correct. I figured that if I wasn't I would need one next month. And if the first one was positive, then I would want to take another one to make sure. heh. Think good thoughts and I'll take this test in the morning. I'm so tired of disappointment. And I hate only seeing one line. I hate it. HATE HATE HATE. urgh. I'm gonna get back to my book. ** New book. "Fast Women" by Jennifer Cruise ** I'll see you tomorrow kiddies...

Sunday, February 16, 2003

**note to self: must blog more** I've been so wrapped up in my book that nothing in the world matters. Plus, it has been so cold that I just don't feel like doing anything. I did finish my book, I Don't Know How She Does It, which was an AWESOME book. :) I've been doing laundry today and playing the sims. I'm trying to beat the game so I can unlock all of the cool stuff and use it during the open ended version that my husband and I have started. I also need to mop floors but that might have to wait. This house is so big and hard to keep up with. I don't know how my mom did it all those years, except for the fact that she LOVES to clean which probably makes it a lot easier. What the heck are we going to have for dinner/lunch. I would like to go to Superwalmart in Kokomo, IN but since I'm on call for the hospital I can't go that far north in case I get called in. I called them this morning and the call board looked dead so I don't think that I would get called in, but one can never assume, it makes an ass out of u and me. ;) **sigh** I have to go cut coupons out of the Sunday paper, practice the piano *that is fun* and clean.

We did get snow here by the way, it snowed, and snowed, and snowed, and snowed. And today it's supposed to snow, snow, snow, sleet, snow, hail, snow.... And tomorrow.....