Thursday, June 24, 2004

Daddy's Home! Magdalena sits and chills with her Daddy. Posted by Hello

Don't you hate when you can't reach your elephant? Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Sleeping in her favorite place. (Note to self: I really need to lose some weight.) Posted by Hello

Like In the Movies

I spent this morning lounging around in the bedroom with my beautiful daughter nursing, playing, and watching ER. That's right folks, no T. She is home with her Mamma who is on summer break. She'll still be coming on Fridays for the long 14 hour day and summer vaation is only a few weeks. Then she'll start coming daily again, but preschool starts in August, which lets face it, isn't that far away. And although I will miss those few extra dollars (yes for 200 hours a month that T spends/spent here, the pay was awful), I'm really enjoying this time with Magdalena who is the cutest and funnest baby lately. (Besides the fact that I can see indentations of teeth on her gums and she appears to be entering into a teething stage and acting like she is in pain at random moments and I.don't.like.this.stage.)

Anyways, while watching ER this morning, I noticed that everytime they went to a scene where an actor went to his apartment, the actor didn't do anything. He just turned on the music and made himself a drink and stared out the window while watching the rain. Really now, who does that? Even before I had a baby, I came home and went straight to work on my house. Now granted, the apartment doesn't have three floors or dogs or husbands for that matter, but I've never enjoyed this relaxing recreation. Even in college it seemed I came back to my room and cleaned up. (And I lived in a sorority so I was living with two other girls in the same size dorm room that one occupied in non greek life.)I would run downstairs and start laundry. Pick up (my roomates were self proclaimed slobs, and I was not). I would vaccuum our room and straighten out the daybed before I could sit down and check email then start my homework. Today, I come home and let dogs out. Pick up dog toys. Get Magdalena settled. Run downstairs and start washing diapers. Run upstairs wash dishes. Run downstairs, start more laundry. Run upstairs and tend to Magdalena. Do you see a pattern here? Where does the drink while watching the rain really come into play? Do you guys have time to watch rain? Am I the only one who feels like a dog chasing its own tail?

Moving on, my birthday is in 12 days. (I know this because when I check Chucks blog, they are counting down Laurens due date which is my the fourth of July which happens to be my birthday.) Today is Erichs birthday. Yahoo. I'm wondering if I can bribe my mom into giving me some money for some diapering accessories (I'd like a couple wool covers and about 5 more fleece topped Hemparoos.) and talk someone else into buying me the Baby Book by Dr. Sears. Probably not. Nobody loves you when you aren't cute anymore. heh.

Monday, June 21, 2004

5 months

Today marks my baby's five month birthday. Wow. Where has the time gone? She is the sweetest little girl. Let's see what has she been doing...

Well, she is still exclusively breastfed. No food for her, not that she even shows the slightest interest. She is grabbing at just about everything. She'll clear a table in 30 seconds flat. She sits up unassisted for at least a minute and much much longer with just the boppy around her. This morning she reached for Ella so I'm going to have to keep my eyes on the two of them. Magdalena enjoys the exersaucer and has mastered all of the toys on it. Daddy was surprised a week or two ago to hear her start the music on the jeep (one of the toys) all by herself. And she was quite pleased herself.

She's found her feet and can now successfully reach down in between her legs when changing her diaper. Oh joy! We are still cloth diapering and thoroughly enjoying it!

Recently when held in a standing position, Magdalena has started moving her knees in a walking motion. Erich and my Mother are thrilled about this. She is rolling more in both directions and reaching for toys. She refuses to roll onto her tummy though. She ain't no fool! She hates her tummy, why would she roll onto it? :) When I lay her on her tummy in the bed, she can scoot her knees under her and lift her butt. Then she'll collapse and lift her torso and head up. Now if she could only do both at once...

She is getting a bit dangerous with all fo the grabbing. We went to a town with a whole bunch of shops that you just go look in. You know the store, tons of tiny and very appealing little things to grab off of shelves and break. Luckily she wasn't successful in her attempts. But Mommy was scared.

She weighs in at a whopping 12 1/2lbs (or so) and is 24" long. She can still wear newborn clothes, but is transitioning into 3-6 months for length only.

Oh, I have to go, the princess calls...

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Happy First Fathers Day!  Posted by Hello