Wednesday, May 21, 2003

She had her baby!!! I logged on to her husband's site and there she is! The sweetest baby ever! :) Congrats Dawn and Quinn! Welcome to the world baby!

Tuesday, May 20, 2003

  1. Naked:: Man!
  2. Singular:: Sensation
  3. Particle:: article
  4. Unified:: user?
  5. Lion:: witch, and the wardrobe
  6. Capitulate:: ???
  7. Quantum:: reasons
  8. Celestial:: Tea
  9. Motion:: Lotion ha!
  10. Delight::ful

Rob's Amazing Poem Generator created this for my blog.

And a positive but
lately and
start to watch
her. and fix it. Dh
will try to go and
sitting in a warning we started
building the other dream about stuff but
lately In there?
On day wish.
That even though my business, go
to get that
is SO wanted and the yard inside
the test
I just found out of
here And sitting in the lives of this guy knew that
I wonder if some embryo was going
to you
understand. I
want to the part that everyone can tell you make
of his 10 favorite bloggers
better than
what do my temps dropped significantly
on Monday.
Urgh. I had this huge post and now it is gone. Damn Blogger. Anyways, as I said before, I skipped work because I am under the weather. Very nauseous. I feel sick and as soon as I lay down and get that feeling to go away I and start to think about food again I get very sick again. Dh says maybe it's morning sickness. One could only hope, right?

It's cycle day 22 and my temps are still up. Is there a little watermelon seed in there? Maybe even two? Heh.

I've been having really weird dreams lately. The other day I dreamed that I was pregnant but I had just found out (opposed to all the dreams I had and I was gigantic pregnant) Anyways I had to go to the batheroom. And the urge was so terribly bad and I'd find a batheroom, do my business, go back to something and I would have another horrible urge to go again. This continued on about 25 times! When I woke up in real life I had to use the batheroom so bad that I could hardly stand up and waddle to the batheroom!

The other dream I had was last night. Dh and I were with some friends somewhere and I told him I couldn't take it anymore and that even though we weren't 18 dpo that I was taking a test. I took the test and left it with him to watch for results and went down (the beach?) to hang out with some friends. A few minutes later I heard him yelling," come here come here come here!!" As I went back up and looked at the test I saw two gigantic, fat lines. I said, " what does that mean?" (as if I didn't know! hah!) And he said, "It's positive!" I said, "uh huh" and he said "yes! it is! we're going to have a baby!" Then I woke up. So what do you make of that?

Monday, May 19, 2003

18 dpo is a very long time to wait. Each passing day seems to get a bit longer than the one before. I yearn to know that the test will come out positive but fear it won't just like every other test. I don't want to do another round of this again. I want to be preg. It sucks. I'm so anxious at this point. I never knew that days could last so long. I try to fill up days without thinking about stuff but it doesn't work. So there really isn't much to say. I'm completely excited that Dawn is almost there. On a good note though, my temps are still up. Yee haw. Soon. Soon we will know. I'm off to be anxious elsewhere.