Monday, January 26, 2004

I'm here

I know you are all waiting for a birth story, I'm thinking it will be towards the end of the week. I will tell you that we gave a vaginal delivery our best efforts, 26 hours of true labor to be exact. Though she was tiny, she was lodged in my pelvis and there was really no way she was going to come out. She was trying her best though and ended up with a bit of a conehead because of it. :)

The nursing is coming along beautifully. My milk is completely in and she is sleeping SO much better now. She is peeing and pooping like a champ, something that worried me in the beginning. The visiting nurse comes tomorrow (the hospital always sends one about 48 hours after you've gone home) and we'll see how much she weighs. I think they will probably draw another billi on her to make sure it's coming down, but I think it is now that she is actually eating some sustanance. I think her complexion is a bit misleading too. Since she is part Mexican and a bit of Indian in there and Irish and everything else (poor kid!) she has a bit of a reddier color to her. She is still evening out too.

Last night was much better on the sleep. The first few days she had been marathon nursing from about 1am until about 4am. She would fall asleep but as soon as I went to take her off, she would glare at me and scream "that's my boob! Give it BAAAACCCKKK!" So I would be awake dozing but never really falling asleep since I have to still watch her closely so she won't chew me up. Last night she slept two hours, ate forty minutes, slept two, ate forty, yada yada yada it was sheer heaven. We are working ditching the nipple shield and things are great. One breast still has some blisters but they are healing too.

I'm feeling really great, I'm in pain, but not so much that I can't function. As soon as they took the catheter out Thursday morning, I was out of bed and on the go. They couldn't really believe how great I was walking and getting about. I know though that had I laid in bed, I would be paying for it now. I still look at her and can't believe she was inside of me. It really boggles my mind! Erich and I both agree that she is the best thing we have ever made. Erich is absolutely in love (I've been replaced!) and it's awesome to see them together.

Be sure to keep checking fotolog for pictures as I'll try and post a pic everyday cause she is so stinking beautiful! :) I'm trying to catch up on everyones blogs but it is difficult to sit here and not do other things if she is sleeping. I also sleep a lot when she is sleeping because its a rare thing. We really appreciate everyones well wishes and thoughts and it makes us feel very blessed to be surrounded by such great people. I look at her and think to myself, if I had known that I would be in labor for 26 hours and then have a c-section would I do it again? The answer is yes... every single painful minute of it.