Saturday, August 09, 2003

Okay so I didn't get that nap. I've taken the kitchen trash outside, vacuumed the main floor and dusted the living room. I think I'll just go hang out in the basement, do laundry and watch TV until it is time to make dinner.
Okay so I vacuumed downstairs, started another load of laundry, washed the dishes. wiped down the all of the kitchen counters sink and stove, made Erich some Kool-Aid (I hate that stuff) and made myself a bowl of soup. Still need to sweep and mop the floor in the kitchen, but first I'm going to eat my soup and take a short nap. Standing in front of the sink just kills my back these days.
Yay! Well we went and ate lunch, but instead of Texas Roadhouse went to Chilis. I would rather of had Texas Roadhouse but hey beggars can't be choosers. (TR didn't open for another 45 minutes and I just couldn't wait that long!) I mailed Rachels box (go me!) and feel very productive just having done that. I bought a new bra (went up an entire cup size, wowee, tell me these things aren't going to get bigger!) and some undies (damn dog keeps eating mine!). We looked at changing tables at a baby superstore and came home to find we had left Gracy out in the rain (oops!). So I gave her a nice warm bath, she feels tons better! Then I've started laundry and caught myself up in the pregnancy journal. I'm going to go vacuum downstairs, start another load and move to the main floor (I'm in the basement now). So moving on...
I'm up. I feel better (felt a bit sick) and I'm headed to the shower. Erich and I are going to eat lunch at Texas Roadhouse in honor of our anniversary tomorrow (one whole year! probably the toughest too!) and run a bunch of errands! :) Then come home to do oodles of stuff we want to get done around the house. I'll post the list in a bit. :)

Friday, August 08, 2003

I've been a very good girl and did all of my errands. :) Now I deserve a nap, right?
Okay here starts my list of stuff to do


1. cash
2. bank for proof of cleared check
3. to grandmommy's to fax to dumba**** at Sentry
(they owe us a refund for dropping us, they said they hold checks **20** days after clearing so that they get the money before they will pay out, when I got firey with her though, she said if I could send proof she would dispurse the damn check. It's like $200, and I need it.)

oh the damn list is so long i'll do it later. Bah.
So after being throughly drugged from last night, I drove to Erich and we went to see American Wedding. Only Derek and his wife went. We at at Hooters before and made fun of the not-so-hot waitresses. The movie was funny but there was one part that made me start to gag. I had to throw my head in between my legs and wait for Erich to tell me it was over.

I'm really tired this morning. I'm still feeling a bit of the effects of the drugs, and my I can still feel the migraine in my spine. Ouch. I think I am going to leave work early as there are things I need to do. There is a bunch of stuff that needs to be done around the house. I will make a new list here shortly. Blah.

I have to babysit tonight which is good and bad. I wish I could just go home and nap, hopefully after my errands there will be enough time to do that. It is good though 'cause we really need the money.

I think this library should have a cot.
Once again I bend over and take it up the rear. I'm really really sick of life in general. Ug.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Okay so I feel that "narcotic" effect of the vicodin they gave me so I better make this quick before I pass out right here at the keyboard. Went to the doctor and waited in the waiting room about 5 minutes, but waited 20 minutes in the exam room! Sheesh. So I puked in their biohazard bag twice. No I did not do it on purpose, but in my defense you leave a pregnant woman, who just wants some safe for her baby drugs to get rid of the gigantic headache, in a room with florescent lights. She's already told you that she is sick to her stomach and that she probably eat something again soon before she does that "I'm pregnant and haven't eaten" puking. The phenegran is left in her house and not in her purse. Feh. So they should have known. They should feel lucky that I am an experienced pregnant puker and made it to the trash bag, the biohazard one at that, and didn't make a mess. I even pulled the bag out for them, tied it up, and put a new bag in for them. Ha! Years of nursing home aide work makes me not care. They didn't know I puked (unless they heard me hacking) until I stepped out the door, one glove on my hand holding the biohazard bag and said, "um excuse me, where can I throw this away?" heh. At any rate he gave me vicodin informing me it was pregnancy category B after I conveyed my knowledge of the whole pregnancy drug system and sent me on my way. Thank you very much. I came home, filled the prescription, took that and a phenegran and ate take out spaghetti from my favorite local pizza place the Pizza Shack. I feel much better tummy wise and plan to go sleep away this migraine. (and be up in time to go to the movie tonight, I need a good laugh)
So this is how it is. Last night went 6 minutes in the opposite direction of home for a beautiful, glorious Schlotzskys Deli sandwich. It was absolutely divine I tell you. I worked on Rachels blanket and only have about 30 minutes left of work on it. Woot. It is a good thing too, cause that baby is coming soon! (right Rachel?) :)

I hate work, but ya know what's new?

I currently have what is turning in to one of my "bad" migraines. Now when I tell you I have a bad migraine it is the kind where you can hardly move, it hurts to breath, can hardly see, and will only be tamed by ER care. Yuck. So I called the OB to see what she has to say (it has yet to progress to this point, but I know the pattern and routine and it is headed right for the ER, which I've had enough of in this pregnancy.) She said to go see my PCP. PCP is not currently in, but they'll squeeze me in with an associate. Whatever just get me a nice pregnancy class A or B drug that won't cross the barrier of the placenta but will offer some much needed relieft. Gross. I've been lucky since I stopped my migraine prevention meds when I got pregnant--since they were a pregnancy class D, Yipes! , that I've only had a couple of migraines that I have been able to ward off with tylenol a bit of nausea meds and rest. This one isn't going to be like that though. While I'm at the "regular" doctor, do you think he'll have a doppler of some sort to listen to baby? That would be awesome...

Hopefully the plan is that after the doctors appt I'll have beautiful drugs that will take away this hideous beast so that I will be able to go see "American Wedding" with Erich and his best friend Derek, along with Ben and possibly Ryan (all friends of Erich). Ha! Can you see the picture of 4 guys walking into a theatre with an obviously pregnant woman to see American Pie. Cracks me up! :)

In other news, I'll be 15 weeks pregnant. A few months ago, if you remember, I never thought that I would be able to concieve because of my PCOS. I was depressed and down in the dumps and feeling like a failure as a woman and here I am 15 weeks pregnant! I know I know, compared to Rachel who is 39 weeks pregnant I'm not that pregnant but I am starting to look pregnant (and thin!). I'm starting to feel bubbles in my tummy which I believe is probably baby. Wowee. I went up to my department today and they all said that I look fabulous! Everyone wanted to rub my "buddha" belly and were saying how thin I look! Wow. Who'd have thought people would say how thin I was in pregnancy!

My bestest friend Phoebe came to see me for lunch here at work on Tuesday! She was amazed that I've lost about 20 pounds and still have a grown belly! :) It is weird. Theoretically with the weight I have lost, by the end of my pregnancy I should be back at my prepregancy weight. ha! Hopefully with my newly trimmer figure (I look thinner everywhere else except my tummy and a little extra boobage) and with breastfeeding, it will be much easier to lose weight. Man I hope so.

Okay I've rambled enough to pass the time so I can go to the doctor to get drugs. Thank goodness. I feel awful. Bah humbug.

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

I hate work. They just called me at home to tell me that they are writing me up for the time I missed when I was admitted to the hospital. These stupid pregnancy hormones have me completely upset now. I just want to crawl in a hole...
Crappety crap. I just lost a post due to my own stupidity. Anyways I didn't finish the earlier post like I was supposed to so here goes. Last night on my way home from work I was weirded out by getting motion sickness while I was driving! This was later fended away though by a weird craving for Scholtzkys Deli, which still lingers. The closest one to my house is about 15 minutes north, but a quick search a few minutes ago showed that there is one about 6 minutes from work! Woot! Now I should probably call Erich and see if I can get a sandwich using my Paypal Debit/CC which we earn money from everytime we use it. Anywho, met with the agent from Erie Insurance this morning. I told him that I had done some research on the company (cause he asked, since I wasn't familiar with it) and also mentioned that I had also asked my stepfather about it since he sells insurance too. (He just joined farm bureau and is in training, but afterwards he says that he is going to take care of us and even give an discount that comes directly out of his commission, isn't he sweet?) My stepfather said that Erie has a reputation for being a "one claim and you're out" kind of company. The agent denied it (as my stepdad and I both agreed he would) and said he had several customers who had filed claims and not been dropped. Heh. Anyhow, I rattled his feathers kinda like I had intended to just to see how he handled the situation. IMHO he handled it well, though I could still tell it sorta perturbed him.

I'm at work. It hasn't been so bad today. She had me print off the entire alphabet off of this site for a doctor who says that he does indeed have logolepsy: an obsession with words. It was close to 700 pages and it took up most of the morning. I ate a big lunch of stuffed shells and cantaloupe and strawberries. It made me feel great. I've also been munching continuously throughout the day which has also helped my stomach! This afternoon I created a resume for a lady using Resume Deluxe. If only I could somehow make some money doing resumes for people and typing papers/documents/etc. How would I even go about that though?

I've also been working on my FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) status. It's basically to cover my butt for the absences when I was in the hospital and for future days when I just don't feel like coming into work. Hmph. I will be quitting though before I should require Maternity Leave. I'm not coming back to this hellhole. It just isn't cost effective for us to pay for daycare and gas for me to come to work for eight hours a day just to make like $50 in the end. Thank you very much I'll stay home with my baby. (Unless I get that job as a nanny I talked about a few days ago! Cross your fingers!) Well that's all for now...
Well, there is a new picture up of me and Erich and "the belly." :) You can see it here. Of course he made it look better after I left by cropping it and turning it into black and white. Bah. I'll order some prints of the pics off of Shutterfly tonight. There is a cute one of Ella and me on the couch too! Must finish this post in five minutes... brb

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

I guess I have neglected to write about the "great insurance stink" which I have to come to refer to it. So here goes. Remember back in February when that awful lady hit the truck while we were in the house ? Well, we filed an uninsured motorist claim with Geico, our insurance carrier at the time, to pay for the damage. Because that is why we have insurance, right? To cover accidents. Anyways. We were unhappy, both coming from smaller towns, to have to deal with a big giant like Geico. Never did we speak to the same person on the phone, each time we would have to explain the entire situation over and rattle off numerous numbers, dates, times, places, etc. The insurance carriers I had had "growing up" never put me through this. They knew me by name and if something happened they took care of it. I hardly ever had to follow up because they called me before I could call them. Anyways. We weren't terribly thrilled with Geico. So in May we closed on our house and purchased home insurance through Sentry. We were then told, as most are, that if we moved our car insurance to Sentry that it would be cheaper for both home and auto. So we did with the fact that it was cheaper and that we would have an agent who, in theory, would be more readily available to help us! woot! So we switch over, then trade in the truck for the Vibe. When I call to switch over the vehicle I want to know the difference in insuring the vehicles, as most would, right? Well, the agent promises me he will call back, does he, nope. When we ask him what form of contact is better, phone or email, he says cell phone and email. So Erich and I start this wild soap opera of emailing and phoning this guy. To make a long story short, the dude pissed me off by not returning phone calls or emails and lying to me directly on one of the few occasions I was able to reach him. I'm mad and ready to switch (even though it is tons of hassle) but we agree to talk to his manager and see if another agent is a better "fit". So we go on vacation and leave our great insurance stink soap opera behind. We come home, for me to find a letter from Sentry saying they are dropping us as of 08/07/03 because of the accident in February. You remember, right? The one in which it was not our fault and WE WEREN'T EVEN IN THE CAR? I mean, this is why I dutifully right those check for large sums of money every six months, right? To leave worries behind, have peace of mind that if some idiot hits me I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DAMAGE! Anyways I'm mad so I call my lovely agent, does he call me back? NO! It is now a week and half since I left the message for him to call me IMMEDIATELY. Urgh. So E and hop into a very speeded up process of finding insurance to cover our a** before 08/07 (Thursday). I have since found Erie Insurance. The agent I speak with is very cordial to me (doesn't mind if he speaks to me instead of Erich. Sentry agent treated me like I was the **wife** and would rather speak to Erich.) He returns my phone calls, generally within the hour and quoted us at a price of $400 less than Sentry, $600 less than Geico. Sign me up! I meet with him in the morning to give him a check and sign the application and I couldn't be more than thrilled! Also we are checking into home insurance through Erie and through State Farm. I'm done with Sentry. And I'm going to write a nice long complaint letter with my large quantities of time here in the library to the Sentry guy's manager, corporate office, and better business bureau of Indianapolis. I'm one ticked off pregnant woman, let me tell you!
I have that little nerd counter at the bottom of this page. Every time I am looking at my page though it says 1 user. I just looked a minute ago and it said 2! wowee! Someone actually reads this! :)

Monday, August 04, 2003

Dishes are done! Woot! My list is coming along nicely I do believe. Scratching them off one by one. I'm off to do the tub now. Need to put new tile treads down (Erich got the old ones all stained when he stained the deck.) To put the new ones on, the tub must be clean clean clean, and then they have to stay dry overnight!

To Do:

Tub Treads
Look at my cleaning list from Friday! It feels so good to cross stuff off, even if it is just in cyberspace! :) Now I'm off to do dishes...
I'm behind again...

Unconscious Mutterings
Week 25
  1. Partner:: love
  2. Goddess:: child
  3. Village:: people
  4. Relationships:: counselor
  5. Irrational:: behavior
  6. Volcano: joe vs. the volcan
  7. Fabulous:: people!
  8. Unencumbered:: person
  9. Coyotes:: Ugly
  10. Fulfilled:: dream

Week 26
  1. Hook:: captain
  2. Greg:: t*******
  3. Sixty:: something
  4. Breakfast:: yucky
  5. Dollar:: days
  6. Unpredictable:moods
  7. O:: oooooooooo
  8. Bathing suit:: blues
  9. Inconsiderate:: jerk
  10. Marx:: brothers?

No cure for cancer? :(
I love my husband and hate my job. Yup, that about sums up my day. More later.