Friday, January 16, 2004

I hate that!

I've been putting off cleaning the house all day. Nana (one of my grandmas, I have three) is in town and wanted to come over and see the nursery. She said to just call her. Well I was going to clean and then call her up but my head hurts and my crotch hurts so I've just been sitting around doing basically NOTHING. Well, I came down after my nap and started making mac n cheese and someone knocks on the door. Shit shit shit! Yup, it was Nana. I kept saying "sorry I just haven't been feeling well." But ya know, that won't make up for it. Damn.


Did I leave you hanging in suspense? My blood pressure is coming back down so she is keeping me on bedrest. Baby sounds good, I've lost a pound but baby continues to grow. So on Monday we have the ultrasound and appt. Tuesday I go in at 5pm to start p-gel and labor through the night and hopefully come up with a baby Wednesday early. I feel like someone beat me in the crotch with a bat right now. Ouch. It hurts. Bad. And I'm beginning to wonder if I'll be able to handle doing this without drugs if it hurts this much now. I need to eat. More later. And that pic I've been promising you. Promise.

Thursday, January 15, 2004

Blah Blah Blah

That's how I feel. I still have a headache. And I'm worried about my output. LOL Of all the crazy things to worry about but really. I drank about 6 glasses (8 ounces each) of water last night around 5pm and by 9pm I had only gone to the potty once and I would safely say it was no more then a specimen cups worth (around 4 ounces). So to pump myself with 48 ounces of water with only a 4 ounce return bothers me. I only got up to the batheroom once last night with just a couple of drops and so far this morning I've drank a glass of milk with no return. Did I mention that this week I've been dealing with daily nosebleeds? Sooo, I started packing my bag but haven't finished. I need to do that now before I go to the doctor. Erich and I had a fight last night which upset me but I think I am just way to emotional. I need to go to the grocery store too. I really would like to do this prior to my appt (appt is at 3pm). I want to make a pot of baked spaghetti for Erich and then have enough stuff for my Mom and Erichs mom and Erich and myself to make do with next week. (I'm hoping they'll cook some stuff for us. I wonder if I can talk my mom into making me some beef noodles. Yumm.) I'm wondering if she will come take my blood pressure, hear about my peeing issues, and headache and say okay lets see if they have room for you tonight. Then I believe I will sincerely FREAK. Maybe I should sign up for that one free audio blog post trial so that I can call and let you know what's happening. I should be doing a lot mroe then sitting here let me tell you! So off to finish my stuff...

Wednesday, January 14, 2004


I have a raging headache. I'm hoping this headache has nothing to do with my blood pressure. **sigh** I'm going to eat some lunch, drink a bit of caffeine, shower, run my errands, come back and "relax" and if it is still raging I should probably call the doctor, eh? Oh and I have been having a lot more ctx. Painful painful ctx. And I owe you a picture. How can one relax when there is so much to do? I haven't packed my bag yet, buuttt I made out the list. :) That's progress, right?

Comments 2

Okay, I added a comment script that I used to use but hated. Hopefully blogspeak will be back up this weekend and I can go back to that. So comment away!


I didn't intentionally take comments off of the website. The comments are down for everyone who uses blogspeak unfortunately. I'll try and put a substitute up for the time being. :)

I'm here, feeling a bit better, and generally just taking it easy. I go back to the doctor tomorrow and we'll see what happens then. Maybe more later and a pic too...

Monday, January 12, 2004

A Housewife

That's officially what I am... a housewife. I went to the doctor today. All fine and dandy in the waiting room, did my share of waiting, got the confirmation that my new improved better insurance pays 100% of EVERYTHING without hassles of precerts and crap that comes with HMO's. (We now have an EPO-exclusive provider organization- that pays like an HMO but works like a PPO. Erich officially can't change jobs unless they have that insurance plan. heh.) Anywho. I went back and my blood pressure was sky high for me. Technicially it's on the high side of "normal" (whatever normal is) but super high for myself. The bad part was that I wasn't at work or doing anything before I went to the doctor. Just got up, ate breakfast, showered, watched some TV, blogged and left for the appt. So... she took me off of work. And I started to cry. Why was I crying? I haven't the slightest idea. I felt like an idiot sitting on the table in only my bra and shirt, hanging on to the paper sheet (and what good is a see through paper sheet anyways?), crying like a baby. Thoughts of always having worked and now suddenly not working came rushing into my head. Thoughts of stressing my husband out and making him the sole provider swam in my head. She went on to say that she wanted to see me on Thursday to check my blood pressure. I was put on modified bed rest, i.e. take it easy and finish up the things I need to get done before Baby Girl gets here. She said that if my blood pressure is the same and not higher, we'll stay with the course of an u/s on Monday to see exactly how big baby girl is now (side note: I'm 37 weeks 2 days pregnant and baby now measures 40 weeks!) and on Tuesday she is going to bring me in to start P-gel and then hopefully have a baby sometime Wednesday. This also brought on more tears. I know that a lot of people didn't think an induction was the greatest idea, but as I told Rachel in an email, there were certain reasons we were leaning towards the induction. I work in the medical profession and I know all of the pros and cons of induction. The pros being that with my specific situation that an induction may be safer and I would have comfort in a more controlled environment. But with the reasons for the induction changing, I'm more scared. Maybe I'm scared because now it is actually scheduled, in the books, and the maternity center will be expecting me on Tuesday evening. The fact that I will be holding my baby in my arms next weekend also brought on a whole load of emotions ranging from fear to joy and excitement. I'm not spilling protein in my urine, so I'm not too worried about toxemia. She says high bp at the end of pregnancy is normal, but mine went way up. She says it's my body telling her that it is time to move on and get baby out before any harm comes to me or her. I'm feeling the need for a bit of encouragement and hoping that I don't get comments about not having an induction. I value the opinions of everyone who reads this blog and I know they are leaving the comments in caring for my health, but right now I think I need more of a pat on the back and a hug. So with all of this bustle I should pack my bag. Heh.

Oh and if my blood pressure continues to go up Thursday, she said we'd re-evaluate our plan of action. She can't technically induce until I'm 38 weeks unless my blood pressure goes up more. So we'll "wait and see", a phrase I absolutely loathe.


I made some progress this weekend which is why I've been a bit quiet. As you saw from the last post, Erich is now post-capable. I also worked a lot in the nursery. I decluttered the catch all dresser and put in baby girls clothes. I also organized the changing table. All of her clothes and diapers are washed and ready to go. The video monitor is set up for the day we may use it. Her diaper bag is packed and ready to go to the hospital. We also put the carseat in the car so it's ready to roll in case I go into spontaneous labor. I finished making the curtains for her room, and Erich hung the rod and we hung the curtains. It looks very nice and it excited both of us to see it complete. It's looked sorta complete for a while with extra stuff just thrown in there. Now it looks ready for a tiny occupant. (She'll sleep in our bedroom for a while, but this makes us feel closer to being ready to have her here!)

Erich also started school today. He's taking four classes this semester and then he only needs two more and he will be done!!! YAY! (Then I can start up again. oy.) Anyways, he had some free time and sent me this link to an article that sounds like our life. heh. Who's life doesn't it sound like?

I gotta go to the OB now. Hope for some major cervical progress people. I don't think I can handle much more of this!