Friday, August 29, 2003


Does anyone know where I can find online stories and books to read?

Oh I hate that rabbit...

I'm genuinely pissed right now. It really ticks me off that I have been desperately looking for things to do around here just to pass the time. Yet the chick (who has called in 4 out of 5 times this week) who works with me comes in, sits down and starts reading her stupid little russian short stories. She only works four hours a day and to top it off, she has taken at least an hour lunch already. WTF? Someone please shoot me.

What now?

So it's 10:08 and I've done all the work for the day. What the heck do I do now?

Thursday, August 28, 2003

Lemonade, anyone?

I just played the Lemonade Stand Game for about an hour. I've come to the conclusion that I am insanely bored and that it is just not profitable to have a lemonade stand. I keep telling myself that I can leave at 3:45. I'm supposed to leave at 4pm but 3:45 is acceptable. But dang that is still 30 minutes away.

You stupid little kid...

I would never say that to anyone, but that is how I feel my limited duty supervisor treats me. I believe that in a previous entry I have said that I hate being treated like a child and it's this LD supervisor that treats me in such a manner. She comes to me and repeats her directions at least five times. She speaks to me like an illiterate little child who doesn't even speak English as their first language. I despise that. Why must she treat me this way? I'm a very intelligent young woman, graduated with an honors diploma, had an above the average SAT/ACT score. I also went to a very snobby undergraduate school that stole a lot of my money because they are so "great." And yet, this lady thinks that she can treat me in this demeaning manner. It irritates the living crap out of me.

A Mid Day Snack

I just got back from my mid day snack. A small salad. A bonus (aside from not feeling hungry anymore) is that when I eat here at work, it takes time which makes my day pass by a bit faster. Yum. So I had a small salad, a bit of cottage cheese, and apple juice. Healthy, right? I'm trying to make a conscious effort to consume more calcium, juice, and water. Since I don't drink milk, I'm thinking I should be uping things elsewhere, so I had cottage cheese. And I drink juice at work and water at home and a small cup of not very strong tea in the morning. The tea helps "ground" my stomach.

Adorable Baby

Check out Rachels really really really really adorable baby.

Hungry (again)

I'm hungry yet again. I'm thinking a nice salad would taste good right about now. What do you think?

Pregnant Eating

Okay I've had about enough of this topic so I'm going to let my rant loose and forget about it. To begin, I've always been a very picky eater. I always say to not take offense if I don't eat something that is put in front of me, it's probably delicious, I'm just not a fan of that particular food. Erich is the exact opposite. Although he too is a picky eater, he will eat anything that is put in front of him.

Pregnancy has not made me any less of a picky eater. In fact, it has probably made it worse since things I once enjoyed like fast food, greasy foods, sweets, milk, cereal, and eggs no longer appeal to me. (I did however have Chinese food the other day on a craving, but normally I don't like Chinese). So most foods that make me sick now are breakfast foods. If I don't eat breakfast, I start the day off sick, so breakfast has become somewhat of a difficult time.

So the other day, I went into the cafeteria to scavenge for something to eat. The only thing that looked appealing was a doughnut. Knowing that if I at least got something into my stomach, I would feel much better and able to snack on nuts and crackers until lunchtime. I paid for the doughnut and noticed coworkers sitting at a table eating so I joined them. As soon as I sat down someone says " you know that doughnut isn't very good for that baby". This irritates me, but I smile and say " I guess you are right."

A couple of days later, I go into the cafeteria to buy a small coke. I have a raging headache (which about five days later, I still have) so I figure a small dose of caffeine might help things. Well I run into yet another coworker and he tells me that I shouldn't drink caffeine while pregnant. This enrages me. First off, I don't indulge in junk food all day long. In fact, junk food mostly makes me sick. And sweets make me sick, so I'm probably eating healthier than I have ever eaten in my entire life. Secondly, this is coming from a man who earlier this year had a heart attack, yet still smokes at least a pack a day. I could have said, "well those cigs aren't good for your heart, and it probably enrages the people that WORKED THEIR A**ES OFF TO SAVE YOUR BUTT to see you smoking."

I understand that everybody has this thing in them that wants to "help." But to be truthful those things are more upsetting to me. It makes me think I'm going to be a bad mom, if I can't even do what's right for baby while s/he is inside of me. I know there is always going to be someone, but I wish people would just lay off for a while. I had a very rough beginning 12 weeks of this pregnancy. I haven't gained a ton of weight, in fact I lost almost 22lbs. I only think that since the weight loss that I've gained maybe a 1 1/2 lb. I'm not going crazy like some preggers do, but there is no way to show others that. I guess I just have to bite my tongue and live with it.

All alone...

It appears that the other chick that works in the library has called in. After all it is 10:15 and she is supposed to be here at 10am. It just boggles my mind that she calls in at least once a week and nobody says ANYTHING to her, and yet if I call in once more they are going to fire me. Is there any justice in this world?

So what do I do now?

It is currently 9:45am. All of my "work" is done. So how do I fill my time until 4:00pm? Suggestions anyone?


My life is boring. Any ideas on how to spice it up?

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

The boring life I lead...

Not much happening around here. Completely, insanely bored out of my mind, but ya know, story of my life. I look forward to the day when I say, "bye-eee! I no longer have to work in this hell hole! nahnahnahnahnahnaaaa" That day seems really far off right now.

I really miss Beanmom too. And I really want to see a picture of Amelia. Oh well, I'll live, right?

Monday, August 25, 2003

The Lunch Lady...

I just came from the cafeteria. I walked up to the register to pay for my beverage and the cashier was a few feet away putting away clean silverware. Several days ago, I noticed that when they put away silverware, they wear gloves. This made me very happy to see that they did not come in contact with them. So today I wait for the lady at the counter. She comes over, and I expect her to take off her gloves, but she doesn't! She rings up my purchase collects my money, shuts her drawer (all with gloves on ) and goes to finish putting the silverware away. I know what your thinking, surely she changed gloves right? Wrong. She did not. And I feel now that I have a calling to be an undercover cop for the Health Department.

Baby Come Out!

No, not me. Mine needs to stay in a lot longer. I am really impatient about Rachel though. I realize that no news at this point, is probably good news, but I really want to know what is going on. And being here at work doing absolutely nothing makes me want to check her blog EVERY 2 1/2 minutes.

And your title is...

Boredom seems to have paid off. I've figured out how to put titles on entries. I know you are all just thrilled.


Yet another round of Unconscious Mutterings...

  1. Bay:: bridge
  2. Boarding school:: dropout
  3. Riddle:: me
  4. Hunger:: pains
  5. Allergy:: tested
  6. Sponsored:: by
  7. Spin:: city
  8. Interest:: ed
  9. Scrabble:: babble
  10. Mold::y
Holy crap I'm bored. I've seriously done absolutely nothing today. The library had volunteers today that did my work so here I am, bored bored bored. I've read the paper and readers digest. I've read online newspapers. Every blog I read plus every blog on everybody elses blogrolls. I've surfed the net, checked my email, checked my voicemail, did a bit of online shopping, added to my Pottery Barn Kids registry. Seriously people, I'm about to shoot myself in the foot so I could leave. Bleh. This sucks.
Okay, with impending ultrasound just two weeks away, I decided to do a baby poll to see what people think. It will be open for a long time, but I want to know boy or girl for the ultrasound. If you would like to play just leave a comment and I will email the game name to you. :)
Well, I had Friday off. The electricians came and ripped a hole in my wall to put in a circuit breaker (that box was bigger than the old fuse box) so that resulted in plaster falling, which made them have to do some drywall repairs. Of course it looked awful, so I had to paint. We went to the store on Saturday and picked up the paint and such and were painting by 1130. The kitchen is now a "butter" yellow as I like to call it and the cabinet doors are a nice minty green. It really is beautiful despite how awful it sounds. I'll post a pic later tonight when I am at home. :)

Saturday evening we took a break to go eat with E's friends in Muncie. Afterwards we all went to a free John Anderson concert (not that Erich and I had ever heard of John Anderson) but it was fun. We came back home and stayed up until 1am working on the kitchen.

Sunday morning we woke early to finish up since E's older brother and wife were coming over for lunch. We actually had all the painting done (wow! it was quite a big room) and only needed to put up cabinet doors. We lunched on steaks and baked potatoes and ice cream sundaes. We had a nice time too. :)

I ended up finishing the changing table. I need to post an after picture of that too. It has all the hardware and such. Now all I need is a changing pad and some baskets. I think I will look tonight at Target for the baskets. yippee.

Ella went to the vet on Friday afternoon, then spent the rest of the evening on the couch. The shots seemed to make her really sleepy. We bought her heartworm medicine and he gave us samples of this pill to give her if she gets fleas. It kills the fleas within a half hour after you give it to her. She didn't have heartworm, but she suffered enough when they drew her blood to do the heartworm test. Apparently, she has veins that roll and it made for a hard stick. She just sank her head into my belly and cryed. It truly broke my heart. She did the same thing when he gave her the shots. They must have stung. :( The vet made the comment that she is very kind and gentle and not very hyper for a weimrainer/jack russell terrier mix. I said I was lucky to have such good dogs like Gracy and Ella. He said it wasn't really the dog, it was the "parents." He said he could tell who trained their dogs to be respectful citizens and who just let the dog run wild. He said cared for dogs in general were a lot better because they were loved, received plenty of attention, and were happy. :) That made my heart swell with joy. It also made me realize that we love this dog way too much.

The vet also talked to me about my pregnancy, how it will effect Ella, and tips on how to get her ready. He thinks she will be a great protector of the baby and that Ella and baby, as long as we nurture the relationship, will have a lifelong love for each other. yay. :)

Usually when I come home from work, Ella is there to greet me and plant a kiss on my hand or cheek to tell me shes happy to have me home. Lately, she also sniffs my belly and occasionally gives it a little kiss. E swears that she knows there is another baby in there, he says she can smell baby. I think it is a bit funny. E's friends dog did that to me the other day too. Weird, huh?

Erich is getting more and more into baby. We are starting to get excited and others are too. I'm feeling almost constant rolling and last night when E had his arm around my belly, he swears that he felt "bubbles popping". When we were at Target yesterday, he bought a bib that says "I Love My Daddy." :) He's just too cute. :)

This is a virtural candle **flame** for Rachel. Here is hoping she has a baby today! ( I'll light a "real" candle for her tonight when I get home from work.)

Okay I must find something else to do.