Friday, May 09, 2003

I know this is late but I've avoided reading others to be untainted! :)

  1. Nanny:: Rich
  2. Weight:: Loss
  3. Deep:: Sorrow
  4. Sock:: Holey
  5. 24 hours:: a day, 7 days a week
  6. Tongue:: hehehe
  7. Fees:: money
  8. Champagne:: Toast
  9. Bruise:: ouch
  10. Pancakes:: breakfast

Sorry about my absence. I've not been feeling well the past few days. Yesterday dh and I had the day off. We started building the fence. It is almost finished. yay! :) Last night I had horrible "ovary" pains. My ovaries felt like they were splitting open. Hopefully that is a good thing. A girl at work who took clomid said that that is what it felt like too. I think I had a positive OPK this morning but both lines were faded but they were both the same darkness. The temps are staying about the same but the same girl also said that her temps didn't change on clomid. So we'll see! I've got to write out bills now. I'll blog more lately. :)

Monday, May 05, 2003

Clomid Day Four and Five

Days three and four went a lot like two and three. There were more hot flashes, my bitchy attitude, and a new fun one-- headaches. Having suffered from migraines for most of my life (from about age 14 or 15) these little "clomid" headaches go from little to big in seconds. Vicodin is my friend and the phenegran they gave me. Wow. God bless the man who invented phenegran. (Phenegran is for nausea) Though I have to watch out since I should ovulate towards the end of this week and we want babies! No more drugs after babies (well, not the good ones at least) so I'm making the best of them now. :)

We had a busy weekend. Did a ton of babysitting on Saturday in addition to running errands and planting flowers in the yard! yay! :) Sunday we went to see his parents and had lunch and then we headed back here. I had an activity to attend with Jill and then came home. I had a headache that was progressing to a migraine (go figure!) so dh and I snuggled into bed and watched The Nutty Professor. I forgot how funny it is! :)

It was beautiful today despite the storms last night. At some point it knocked our power out and I miraculously woke up around 3:30am to a blinking alarm clock. I scrambled around *while everyone else slept. The dogs even looked at me like "lady it ain't time to get up!"* I set the alarm and fell right to sleep. :) The storm did tear up our screen door-- the hinge part that makes it slide shut. So we need to fix that before the appraiser comes to appraise the house. We should be closing by the end of this month. Whoopee! :)

Dh and I are going to one of my managers house in the morning. He is going to mow and trim her lawn and I am going to clean. So with such a busy day tomorrow, I should be heading off to bed now. Goodnight, sweet dreams...