Friday, July 23, 2004

Not a creature was stirring...

not even a mouse.

Naptime.  Never has such a word seemed so glorious to me.  Naptime.  T and Magdalena are asleep.  Amen!  We went to the grocery store this morning, dropped the groceries off at the house for Erich to put away, went to Nanas, then to eat lunch, then to the park, back to Nanas.  Then we took Nana with us to the library for a special presentation (Bobby T Bookworms Magical Library Adventure) then went to Nanas and helped her clean up for her company.  Now we are back home and everyone is asleep.  I'd like to join them, but diapers need to be washed along with a few dishes and I need to make pizza dough for dinner.  I also need to make some bread, corn tortillas, tortilla chips, and flour tortillas.  Oy.

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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Hot and Moldy

It's been terribly hot around here.  And a storm ripped through last night that really actually scared me.  I was at Alicia's house at the time and her husband gets "excited" about storms since the tornados that went through there a few weeks back.  Her power went out 3 or 4 times in a matter of 10 minutes or so, so it was a bit scary.  Another storm is about to rip through here any minute.

We have the window air conditioners running, but it seems like they are constantly trying to keep up.  I'm sure I'll have mild heart attack when the electric bill comes.  And the bread I made at the end of last week went moldy early because of the humidity.  Oh well, I need to make corn tortilla chips for the salsa still left in the fridge, flour tortillas, and corn tortillas (since I'll use up the reserve making chips!), so I'll just add bread to the list.  I found a recipe for dog biscuits (I know you are laughing at me now!) and I'd like to try that and see how that goes over with Ella and Gracy.  It would be really nice to make them considering buying them is so expensive. 

Okay, I'm going to turn off the computer since the storm is almost here.  I'm going to try and get to Nana's while it's still dry with Magdalena.  I find I prefer these storms with others because of Magdalena.  :)  Adios!

My How They Grow...

Magdalena is moving.  Inch by inch, slowly, scooting across the Living Room floor.   I noticed this yesterday at Alicia's house.  I set a toy out of her reach and about five minutes later she got to it.  Yes, she moves slowly, but the point is that she's moving.  And she rolls completely over all the way across the living room floor, until she bumps into something.  At which point she whines for me to move that something (or her) or she starts in the other way.  And she sits unassisted, did I tell you that?  She has been for a few weeks now.  Oh, and this morning while at Nana's Erich and I watched as she got up on all fours and started rocking back and forth.  I have no doubt that once she gets going, it will only be a short time before she's up on two legs. 

She hasn't had any solid food yet.  I think that people are just plain sick of asking and me telling them no, cause they seemed to have stopped asking.  heh.  :) 

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Who took my baby?

This morning I reached in Magdalena's mouth, it's become a morning ritual.  Her other bottom tooth poked through.  :(  Two bottom teeth.  I didn't cry this time, but it's still bittersweet.  She isn't a tiny baby anymore.   She's growing up way to fast! 

PS no crying, no screaming, nothing.  Just a new tooth and a big grin.  How did I get so lucky?

Sunday, July 18, 2004

What weekend?

I'm tired.  I'm currently the only one awake right now because I'm stripping diapers.  You see, we've been battling a diaper rash for.ever. I couldn't figure out what the hell it was and I tried everything including standing on my head while changing her diapers.  It was driving me mad.  I took her to the doctor at the end of June (actually we saw the NP who I don't care for)  and she gave me Nystatin cream, which didn't work.  I bought OTC clotrimazole and it worked better than the Nystatin, but didn't make it go away completely.  Anyways, she had her 6month checkup this week and he gave me a Nystatin cream with some other miracle drug mixed in and it cleared up completely in 12 hours.  Praise God.  Anyways, I threw a scoop of Oxyclean in one of the loads of diapers, on accident mind you, and now Magdalena has a flaming rash in her crack.  (sorry for the description!)  It's not the same spots as the other places mind you , a completely new place.  And the only thing I can think of is that damn Oxyclean reacted with her pee or poo.  The girl poops more now then she ever did as a newborn which makes me feel good that her body is flourishing, but, well you know the other side.  My mom laughed in my face because I asked her if everyones poop holes were red!  I mean, if you poop a lot wouldn't it get irritated? I should shut up.  Anyways, so I think it may be the oxyclean.  This would be a easily fixed problem since it was only one load, but I've been lazy about bringing up the diapers everyday from the washer, so I threw them all in one big hamper to be brought upstairs, so their all mixed and I don't know which ones had oxyclean.  So they're all going through again.  Feh. 
My in laws came over today.  It was nice that FIL could help Erich in the yard.  (Erich is currently working on a driveway project.)  I believe that MIL secretly despises me because Magdalena screams if left alone with her.  heh.  Of course, they arrived exactly in the middle of Magdalenas naptime.  Then they look at me as if I put her to sleep on purpose because they were coming.  Um, no, she sets a schedule for herself and I merely follow it while in the home.  I believe that children need to learn to be flexible, and Magdalena does really well when "off schedule" (she really doesn't have a strict schedule) while out, but at home, I think she deserves the right to have naptime when she wants.  Is it my fault they have such awful timing?
Anyways, MIL brought stuff to make dinner.  Corn from the farmers market and pork cutlets to be fried.  I don't care for pork much, unless it's a butterfly chop.  I love those, so tender and juicy.  This pork was dry and tough.  Anyways, I hate when other people cook in my kitchen.  Aside from the 25 million questions they have to ask me about where everything is, I'm picky about the way my pans are treated and the way things are done.  The only people that I ever feel comfy with is my mother and Alicia.  Don't ask me why, they don't bother me really.  Anyways, the sink is full of dishes and the kitchen smells like burnt flour.  Another feh.  I did tell her not to do the dishes though.  I hate not being able to find things after people guess where they go and I'm picky and I couldn't help her because Magdalena wasn't cooperating with that plan.  She had another plan.  :)  So I told her to leave them.   Now my sink is full of dishes, as it has been off and on all week.  It seems as soon as I finish washing dishes, within an hour it's full again.  **sigh**
I did steam clean the batheroom carpet upstairs.  Yippee!  :)  (aren't you proud of me Alicia?)  I've only been saying I need to do it for about 2 weeks.  I'm on the last half of the diapers and I'm about to fall over from exhaustion.  The first load that came out stripped felt nice and soft so I'm a bit excited about the whole ordeal.  (not the rash, just the softness) 
Maybe it's in the air, but I haven't been sleeping well lately.  I'm having crazy crazy dreams.  Magdalena is nursing a lot at night but I don't think it's because of her.  I don't think I'm cycling through sleep the way I'm supposed to.  I have so much on my mind, yet nothing at all.   Is that odd?
I've been dreaming about Magdalena crawling, probably because it is in the very near future.  She's been demanding a ton of my time because she is so stinking frustrated that she isn't moving.  She can roll her way from one end of the living room to the other.  She'll get on her belly then move her knees up under her and start to move her arms then.... flop, she's back face to face with the floor and it pisses. her. off. 
Her second tooth is bulging too.  Her bottom left is through (her left) and it's very pretty (and small) except that she wants to chomp on our hands to get the other one through like she did the first, and that little damn tooth is sharp! 
I really lucked out.  I've seen fussy babys and babys with colic and babys that are just pissed off at the world and she is not one of them.  She sleeps so well at night and is so happy and healthy.  I sometimes sit and think to myself, how did I end up with such a great baby?  I don't ever think of myself as doing anything right to end up so well off, ya know?  I was told I was going to get paid back for my youth, where is the payback?  Or is it that I just love her so incredibly much that her cries don't seem awful?  They are more like little knives in my heart because I can't figure out what she needs fast enough.  Or someone squeezing my heart when she cries during  a diaper change when all she really wants is to curl up and nurse, though I know that she needs her diaper changed.  I'm so damn lucky.  And sometimes I don't realize it until I walk upstairs and see my husband asleep with his little girl curled up next to him.  And I just want to sit on the bed and cry and thank whoever sent me this wonderful life.