Friday, May 14, 2004


I switched the comments over and went back to read the comments from when Magdalena was born. I'm about to cry. I have met SO many wonderful, beautiful, incredible women. You are all so strong, compassionate and sweet. I feel like I have many many friends through this little space. You can ask Erich, I'm always talking about how I relate to so and so, how I chatted with such and such on AIM, how so and so is so cool and I wish they were closer. He's been impressed with all of you wonderful ladies. I've printed out the comments from when I went to the hospital, when she was born, and a few days afterwards. I'm going to put them in her baby book box so later she can read the comments from all of the wonderful ladies who were waiting with baited breath for her to come into this world. You guys truly rock.


I'm trying out these new groovy comment feature from Blogger. Lets see if this is better. It does offer comment notification which I truly enjoy I tell ya. :)

16 weeks

Magdalena has been on this earth for 16 weeks now. It's been a whirl wind. At the doctors office yesterday, she weighed 12lbs 2oz and 22 1/2 inches long. She's tiny! She is still absolutely perfect and I was pleased to hear the doctor say, "I wouldn't be in a rush to start her on solids!" Yay, because I wasn't going to! :) She is doing all sorts of cool stuff. She sits in the boppy with just her hips supported, she rolls from stomach to back, and if we are laying in bed and she sees the opportunity to nurse she'll roll from her back on over! She can grab her toes and fingers and follow you with her eyes. She laughs out loud constantly and is always chattering about something. Today she discovered Ella and watched her "clean up" the kitchen. She LOVES to play in the exersaucer, on the activity mat, and on her tummy. She is really into toys these days. With the increase with playing, she likes to nurse and cuddle a lot more in the mornings and the evenings. This is part of the reason blogging is at a minimum since she occupies so much more time. She can play on her own, but she also likes for me to play with her. She can stand with help from her Mommy or Daddy and loves to do that and giggle. She really is a cool little baby!