Friday, December 09, 2005

We're Here

We're still here, covered in snow, but here. The popping continues in my lower tummy area. I'm 99.9% sure that it isn't gas, it just feels different. I can only feel it if I'm lying really really still and generally just at night. Oh well.

Magdalena and I went out in the snow yesterday when it had just started it. She had been admiring it through the window for a while, so I decided to bundle us up and take her outside. It took longer to get ready to go out then the actual time spent outside. She is so funny and cute!

We came in and I gave her dinner and took her upstairs for her bath. We went into the bedroom and nursed and I asked where she was going to sleep (her crib/sidecar, or in the big bed). She patted Erichs pillow and said " Daddee Daddee" and laid on his pillow. She then promptly demanded that I cover her up. After I covered her and kissed her on the forehead, she closed her eyes pretended to be asleep. Silly girl.

After she was asleep I finally put the Christmas tree up. I just have to hang the stockings and put the manger up. I seriously don't feel like putting it up, but my Dad made that manger and there hasn't been a Christmas yet that I haven't put it up.

Then I donned all of my snow gear again and shoveled the porch, sidewalk, and driveway. Erich was stuck at work and the last thing I wanted him to have to do is shovel just to park his car. I knew he wouldn't be home for hours and hours, but at the rate it was falling I figured I should get a head start.

Through this all I've really wanted a ham sandwich or roast beef sandwich, toasted with cheese. I had gone to the meat market around noon when Erich was still home and it was CRAZY. People are nuts! So I didn't get the roast beef because the line was to long.

Erich finally got home at 2am. I went outside at 1:30am to start shoveling snow again since it had started blowing and such. I went out and you could no longer see where I shoveled. There were two foot drifts. Ugh. So I started shoveling again and I had just finished the second tire track ( I decided NOT to do the whole driveway again) when Erich pulled around the corner. Then I had to shovel and area for him to get out of the car. LOL

My thighs hurt today. Boo. I did decide that I could no longer stand not having a roast beef sandwich so I bundled Magdalena up and we took off to walk the three blocks to the meat marked. Actually I should say *I* walked it while carrying her because she decided she didn't want to walk in the snow. We just got home a few minutes ago and Magdalena ate an ENTIRE sandwich and I just had my roast beef sandwich toasted with colby jack cheese and a touch of mayo. It's amazing what a pregnant woman will do to satisfy her craving. :)

Magdalena keeps admiring the tree. I tell her no touch! and she stops. A few times I've looked over to see her touching the tree. When she sees me watching her, she comes over to me and says, "no tuhk teeee!" heh.

So I'm warm and my belly is full **yawn** I believe it's naptime...

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Silly Questions

When did you feel your baby move? More importantly, when did you feel your baby move on second pregnancies (or third, fourth, whatever.) I felt Magdalena REALLY early at 14 weeks and consistently at 15 weeks. Currently I'm almost 12 weeks.

Anyway, last night I was laying in bed all relaxed after my shower and I felt a series of popping in my lower belly. It didn't feel like gas, just like some sort of popping. It was to far foward to be gas or my bowels or anything. Just popping. This morning I felt the same thing. It's crazy, but could this actually be the baby, this early?