Saturday, September 25, 2004

Catching Up and Stinky Poop

I never told you about the trip to Kansas City. It went well. Magdalena did very well in the car for about 9 hours of the trip and the last hour she was miserable. I think that was great considering both Erich and I were miserable the last hour too. The trip back went the same way, first 9 okay, last hour awful. Erich spent a lot of time in the backseat with Magdalena because I get SO carsick and I still wasn't sure if dramamine was OK. We made it though. It was fun visiting with family. On our full day there we went to Independence Center and did some shopping. We got Magdalena's Halloween costume which I'll have her photographed in probably next week. She's going to be a lady bug. :) We also got her baptism gown, which is very very simple but absolutely gorgeous. Erich's aunt gave me a meat grinder so I'm anxious to take AB's advice and grind my own hamburger and sausage. :)

The festival went well and we are glad it was over. Good food was had by all, we visited with lots o friends, and at one point we had 8 babies in our house!

Last weekend we had T with us. Saturday I spent a long three hours running an IV over at my adult sitting job. Joy. It was really only supposed to take like 1.5 to 2 hours. I'll leave that alone so I don't get so worked up about it again. On Sunday we went to church and then up to my Mom's house. We also did some errands on the way back and hit up Wmart. We hate that place, though it seems we go there often.

I caught Magdalena's scrapbook up. I'm doing the layouts by month. The layouts are complete, I just need to add pictures. There a couple of special layouts like sitting up, teeth, crawling and first solid foods that I need to find something else for. I'll try to get the pictures printed up soon. I've also started albums over at Photobucket. Here is the link for my album, and if you'd like the password please leave your email addy in the comments. :) Sometime this week I'll be adding a permanent link on the website somewhere.

Today we are going to the triplets birthday party! Can you believe that they are already a year old? Remember this picture? I'll get a picture of the four of them today and post tomorrow.

I had my first encounter with Stinky Poop. SP showed up in Magdalena's diaper yesterday. Those darn organic bananas. I was very very very grateful that Mini Shower is in the mail. :)

ETA: MY MINISHOWER IS HERE! MY MINISHOWER IS HERE! I live a sad life when I'm excited over a minishower.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

As the Princess of this dwelling, we will watch what I deem appropriate on TV. If you were wondering, this remote will also serve as my wand.  Posted by Hello

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Banana Fo Fana

True to my word, Magdalena started solids today. She had some organic bananas and loved them. I feel reassured in my decision to delay solids until 8 months. She didn't fuss and she knew what to do. After the first bite, I didn't have to hold her hand out of the way, she just opened wide. :) Daddy was here for her first meal and he fed her a bit too. (I also did this while T was at preschool so that it would be more of a family thing.)

Magdalena's first official taste of solid foods. Organic bananas, yum! Posted by Hello

My cousin Pete in Iraq. Posted by Hello

Iraq Soldier

I found out the other day that my cousin is in Iraq. I'm simply amazed. He has already been wounded twice and has gone back for a third time. It really surprised me because when my mom said "you remember your cousin Pete, right?" I expected her to finish the sentence with... he's in jail. But that didn't happen. I'm super super proud of him, but very very scared. Iraq has always been this scary thing to me, but it has seemed so abstract until now. Now it seems very very real and very close to home. I'll post a picture they sent us.


First in a long series.

1) "I'm not a Queen because Queens have servants. God picks the servants to serve the Queen. They come from jail. So when ever the Queen wants something the servant has to get it. Whatever she wants, hot cocoa or some peaches, they have to get it. "

2) "...But the baby drinks from here *points to breast*. So you mean the baby is going to drink from your breast and eat some baby food too? I've never heard of that!"

3) "Did you know I'm smart? I'm smart because I know lots of stuff."

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

8 months

My baby girl is 8 months old today. **sniff** I can't believe that time has flown by so quickly. I weighed her the 0ther day at an appointment, and she weighs 16lbs 4 oz and is about 26 to 27 inches long (we think). She is still wearing 3-6 months but I'm transitioning a bit into 6-9 month clothes. Though the other day, I did put her in a 0-3 month outfit and it fit perfectly. heh.

She has been saying Mama and Dada. Usually says Dada when she's looking for him, and Mama when she is crying. I noticed yesterday that in chatter when talking to me she says Mama, which warms my little heart.

We'll officially start trying solid foods tomorrow. I had to work this morning and I wanted to do it late morning with Erich. So that adventure will unfold tomorrow, which will most likely bring with it some pictures and another entry.

She's hungry so I need to feed her now and enjoy her last day of being exclusively breastfed. **tear**