Friday, October 29, 2004

Mommy made me a diaper, do you like it? Posted by Hello

Ladybugs! Take Cover!

The ladybugs have invaded our house again in search of warmth. (Obviously they didn't get the memo that the furnace has a gas leak and could possibly blow up. I'm kidding, just kidding. Kinda.) I took some pictures to show you. Scroll down. :)

The ladybug flew to the coffee table and played with the iron for a bit. Posted by Hello

One of the ladybugs was really hungry and flew in to get something to eat. Posted by Hello

Thursday, October 28, 2004

The Great Baby Quest

As promised, I'm going to update you on the TTC plans. They aren't much right now. I've had a freaky week though and my mind is constantly turning things over. My official appointment to start metformin (which is SAFE during breastfeeding woo!) is November 22. That's like 3 Mondays from now. Wow.

I had a crazy dream the other night. --- I dreamt that I was pregnant and I started going into pre-eclampsia like I did with Magdalena. They told me they needed to induce, but since I had already consented for an elective c-section (failure to progress, cephalopelvic disproportion) they would section me that evening. I called Erich on the phone so that he could be there. I'm not really sure if he ever made it there. Anyways, they rolled me in for my csection and took the baby out. This entire time I thought she was a she because apparently I had an ultrasound or something. Anyways I was like 36 weeks and a bit early so they took the baby to the NICU to make sure she was okay. They stitched me up and I stood up off the table (pretty cool trick after having a csection huh?) and walked (heh) to the NICU. When I got there, I asked for my baby. The lady said "I believe she is that one over there." The baby she pointed to was the HUGE baby and I said "this can't be my baby. She's to big! I have small babies and the tag doesn't say my name." The nurse replied, "well, then your baby is probably underneath that one." (???) So I rolled this big baby over and underneath was this itty bitty baby who looked ALMOST identical to Magdalena as a newborn. And the baby wasn't a girl, but a boy. I went to nurse the baby and found out he was tongue tied to like Magdalena was. At the end of the dream I was in search of the doctor that clipped Magdalenas tongue, so she could clip Baby Boys tongue too and Magdalena and Baby Boy were both squirming to nurse. --- Now is that a crazy dream or what? Whatcha think it means???

So with that crazy dream on my mind I decided to take an OP test (ovulation predictor). I had some leftover in the bathroom from last years TTC days. And it came out... drumroll... positive. LH surge with ovulation predicted in the coming days. And today.... drumroll... my temperature dropped signaling ovulation. I took another OP and it was negative which means that LH surge is over which would make sense because the LH surge comes BEFORE ovulation. Looking back at the chart I conceived Magdalena with, I surged, temp dropped, ovulated, pregnant. Which is what is currently happening.

See the thing that has me all nervous and such is that I can't possibly believe that my body is doing what it is supposed to be doing. And I hate this waiting. My entire body is tense with the what ifs. And I should relax because if my body did go ahead and release an egg like it was supposed to since I had all the signals of ovulation and need to be calm for that little egg and sperm to meet and make Magdalena a big sister. Oy.

And even though all these things happened, it doesn't mean that my body actually released the egg. My body has done crazier things. I need a glass window to see what is going on in there. This is driving me nutso.

Oh, and I've lost 15 pounds to date. Woot.

I Feel Pretty...

well, actually I feel special. I was just going through my sitemeter referrals and seeing how Blogexplosion has really upped my traffic and noticed that I had a referral from Cootiehog.com. Anyways, Cootiehog has added me to her own special list of blogexplosion blogs she likes which makes me feel very special. :)

Oh, and I'm stuck in my computer chair. Magdalena is trying to figure out how to move between objects while standing up. She actually trying to take steps and her feet just ain't doin what she wants them to do. So I'm stuck in my chair because somehow she got to me and is holding on to the back and if I move she'll fall and I'll be named "Bad Mommy of the Year." This girl is going to walk soon isn't she? **sniff**

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Must Haves and Have Nots

Being poor really makes you want to shop, ya know?

I'd really like this Olive Green Maya Wrap.

I'd like these Pink Dragonfly Robeez in size 6-12 months for when Magdalena outgrows her little kitty ones. (Currently she is wearing 0-6 month. I'm not lying when I say my child is tiny.)

And I'd really like the collection of Dr. Sears Parenting Books, but really The Baby Book to begin with. **sigh** I keep checking it out of the library, but sometimes I'd like it for reference ya know?

Completely off topic here, I just finished the book "The Five People You Meet In Heaven" and I REALLY liked it. I think I may venture to Half Price Books and see if they have a copy I can give to my mom for Christmas. I think she'd really enjoy it. And maybe my Dad is waiting for me his own heaven, waiting to talk to me about how he was supposed to die young and how it changed me forever for the good. I guess I'll never know huh? (I'm a firm believer that it is pointless to buy new books when there are plenty of used books needing loved.)

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

It Gets Better Right?

I'm sick of being a grownup. So, today Erich left for work at 11am. He had a job interview via phone at 10:30am. I'm trying not to get my hopes up that this may be the job for him. Anyways, I warmed up some chili for him, we chatted about furnaces and he headed out the door at 11am. I started frying up some potatoes (buy one 10lb bag, get one free at Marsh this week. Needless to say, we're going to eat a lot of potatoes soon). Anyways at 11:34am Erich called to tell me that he has a flat tire, he's in the process of changing it, but wants me to come to him and switch cars. Urgh. **this is where you insert a mumble with a bit of profanity about how no one ever lets me eat a meal in peace I know I know it wasn't his fault but still** So I pack up the girls and head out.

The thing is that the Saturn (which he drives) needs 4 new tires. We've been putting that off for a few weeks. It also needs a muffler, I can hear the boy coming 2 blocks away. Anyways, with a flat tire that had two holes and is bald, it seemed pretty pointless to just put plugs in. And when buying a new tire, since they're sorta bald, I can't just buy one I have to buy two. Then I have to consider that last time we only bought 2 and the one with the flat was one of the newer ones and we'd talked about how we didn't want to be constantly buying 2 new tires. So basically all this babble boils down to that I had to drop $192 for 4 new tires at Sams Club.

Is it ever going to end? $200 for tires, $3000 for a furnace, a little here a little there and I feel like I'm suffocating. And I'm TTC? Am I nuts? Being a grownup bites.

What A Difference A Day Makes

Wow. There's a lot going on around here. Yesterday started out really crappy. I can't think of a poetic way to say it and really crappy seems to fit. It started with T. We got up and I started getting her ready for school. I sent her in to the batheroom to "potty and brush your teeth." While she was brushing her teeth, she says, "Suzanne, I need to go to the bathroom." So I say," well then go." "I already did in my pants." **insert internal rage here** I asked her why she didn't go sooner if she had to go so bad. Her response was, " I didn't realize I had to go until it was running down my leg." So I started my day with a floor full of pee. Joy.

Then the furnace guy came to clean the furnace. You see where this is going, right? So he's down there with his little vacuum sucking all the crap out that sits in your furnace and I'm upstairs dreaming about how nice it's going to be when it's all warm and toasty in here. After all, I've waited this long to turn on the furnace, I deserve it right? So the guy finishes up and come to tell us that he found a "slight" problem. There is a leak on the valve where you turn the gas on and he may have to tag it and SHUT OFF THE GAS! **insert panic here** Our dryer, washer, water heater... all of that is gas powered. So he comes back after speaking to his boss. They agree that it is a relatively minor leak and that it won't hurt to leave it on for a while. Erich and I made sure we wouldn't "blow up or anything." He comes in after being on the phone for probably 20 minutes and says it's going to cost something like $400 to replace the valve. On our 20-25 year old furnace, that's a lot since it's only probably worth that much. Hrmph. So they sent a guy over to give us an estimate on a new one. I called two other places and one sent a guy over last night and another is coming this morning at 10. The heat is on and it feels delicious but I can't keep it this way. I'm scared to death with the babies in here. So it's going to be like $2500 and that sucks. But it comes with a 5 year warranty (the guy last night offered a 10 year warranty) and we are looking at the 90% efficient which will save us money since ours is probably 55% to 60% efficient. It comes with being a homeowner right? I am glad that I went ahead and had the guys come out and clean it and find this leak so that we didn't go the entire season with this leak and not know about it until something really bad happened.

Starting tomorrow, I'll be working with the old folks five days a week. Joy. The money is going to be fantastic but it's going to be exhausting. So today, we're just lounging around the house enjoying our free time.

Magdalena has gotten really good at standing up, cruising, and recently she's learned how to sit herself back down. Every Mom knows that that is a good thing because there is nothing worse than a baby that is standing and screaming for someone to help her back down. She's also started trying to transfer herself between things like the table and couch. Occasionally she trys to stand up in the middle of the room. Oh, and remember how I said she was crawling on all fours 75% of the time? Right after that she started doing it full time. :)

That's all for now, but wasn't it enough?