Friday, January 02, 2004

Summing It All Up

I'm finished washing baby clothes. Yay. Tomorrow I'm going to work on getting everything in drawers and then on a bag for the hospital. I'm not sure if Erich is still going for the job interview, but I think we mutually agree that this is not "the job" for him for a plethera of reasons and it just wouldn't be good for our family right now. Such a sensible boy. Love him SO much. I bought some groceries but the kitchen still feels barren. I think it is just me though. I am working on laundry today and I washed the dishes. I'm tired and exhausted and all of that jazz. Gracy, the older dog, decided that at 4am she needed to go to the batheroom. Damn dog. I couldn't get back to sleep after that until about 6am. Our new insurance which started yesterday throughly rocks my world. It is AWESOME!

I'll try and be good about updating, but I am going to work the next two weeks five days a week. I HAVE TO WORK and I know it's going to kill me, but I think that's it. If I can get one last great check, I'll feel better. Tons better. My head is raging so I'll leave you with that. Not much going on this weekend. We are touring the birthing center on Sunday (mental note: MUST NOT FORGET THIS TIME!) so I'll let you know how that goes. And I'll let you know how my cleaning goes tomorrow. I have a bunch of old flannel pj's from my mom that I'm going to cut into squares and hem the edges for baby wipes and she brought me material to make curtains so I hope to do that tomorrow too. We'll see how ambitious I feel in the morning.


Sorry, I've been seriously neglecting my blogging responsibilities. I have no time to post at this moment, but I promise to post before I go to bed. This is just in case someone comes by and wonders. **sigh**

Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Happy New Year Charlie Brown!

Just wanted to tell you all to have a happy New Year! I'm off to work as sucky as that is and after work I'm going to babysit for some extra $$$ so my New Year won't be to exciting. I'll try and get on during my lunch break to tell you about the stuff I left hanging in the last post. If not, I'll tell you next year. ;) heh. :)

Tuesday, December 30, 2003


I'm here. Had a doctors appt. yesterday. We did group strep B and a NST. The NST was to see how she is doing in there since she hasn't been moving as much, and I had that spotting. She is fine. The little booger started jumping around like a Mexican Jumping Bean soon after we left the office. Since I've been having all of those nasty contractions, she did do an internal check. The "door" is closed, but I'm very soft and very thin. She said her head is RIGHT there so whatever we are "doing" is working. I think we'll need to "do" some more! heh. **blush** She did schedule another u/s for Jan 19. I asked if I needed to schedule an appt for the following Monday and she told me no. :) That kinda makes me happy.

I did mop floors yesterday, did the dishes, and started washing baby clothes. Erich is going to interview for a new job tomorrow so I need to write and tell you all about that. I should also tell about how Operation Clean Out the Kitchen is still on going, mainly because we are frantic to pay off some bills, and keep neglecting the whole "we must eat" situation. I am going to the store tonight though for a few things. A local grocery has milk 3 gallons for $5, so Erich bought some last night. In the last week, the two of us went through 4 gallons! Simply amazing. I really don't care for milk, but bambino must because I've been drinking it like crazy! I know there is probably more but I'm on my lunch break and really need to get back to work. More later.

Sunday, December 28, 2003

Adjustments and Changes

As I finished up my 35th week of pregnancy yesterday and am charging into my 36th week lots of things are occuring. For one, my somewhat under control hormones have blown into full swing again. I watched Lucy get married on Seventh Heaven yesterday and I was a mess. In the show, her parents kept having flashbacks and seeing her as a baby and a toddler and a little girl. I was bawling thinking that I too would be there someday (hopefully in like 40, heh). Sheesh.

Also, I've told Erich that I am completely filled with awe, joy and extreme anticipation yet at the same time, I am completely scared shitless. Never in my life have I ever felt this way before. I'm sure he feels the same way. He says that if he were me he would just be scared of the way this baby has to exit my body. That isn't so much what is scaring me. The fact that I am forever responsible for this tiny perfect creature and that my flaws could rub on to her terrifies me. I'm sure this is normal and everyone feels this way, right?

In addition to Erich and I feeling the pressure of change and the very close arrival of our first born daughter, we realize this is a huge change for the rest of our family... mainly the dogs. It's funny how these dogs become such an intricate and important part of our families. Gracy, the older brown dog, will have no problem with this baby. I know that Gracy is very good with babies/kids and is just not interested in having our undivided attention anymore. She is old, set in her ways, and quite content just napping by our side. :) Ella, who thinks that she is our first born daughter, is going to have a bit more adjusting to do. And just like Gracy had to learn to be with kids, Ella now has to learn. I have no fear that Ella will be great with this baby and that they will be life long friends. I just want to make sure we do this right.

My mom and stepdad bought us the 4 in 1 play yard and also the boppy for Christmas. She also got us another sleep sack which I think will be great at night. The play yard has a bassinet and that is what we will be using in our room. Erich set it up in the nursery the other day, and today we moved it into our bedroom. We figured it would give us time to adjust to having it in there and moving around at night. It will also serve to help the dogs adjust and prepare. We took out a baby doll that looks "life like" and let Ella smell her while we held her and talked to both of them. Hopefully this will get Ella used to having a baby around, and we set the baby doll in the bassinet. We'll see what happens.

Other than that, not a lot going on around here. Just a lazy day. Yesterday we went down to Erichs brothers house and he helped him clean out the barn. MIL and I went to an outlet mall thirty minutes away. I bought Erich three pairs of pants. I also bought two baby outfits from the Carters Warehouse. MIL bought baby an outfit and a Christmas baby doll that was on clearance. (Now lets just see if she can find it next year!) She bought me a nursing shirt (yay my first one) and I bought myself a nursing bra (yay! also my first one!). Now I must go continue being lazy. :)