Thursday, February 12, 2004

Question #1

Chuck asked me:

What is the air speed of an unladen Swallow?

First off, Chuck do you realize that you need to know which type of unladen Swallow to know the true correct answer? There are African and European unladen swallows.

The answer for a European unladen Swallow is roughly 11 meters per second, or 24 miles an hour. :)

Many thanks to Jonathan Corum.

I'll answer Emilys question tomorrow.

More questions please!

Lili asked...

if we were going to shorten Magdalenas name. The answer is no. It's such a beautiful name and we worked so hard on it. If she wants to be called Maggie when she is older that is fine, but we prefer Magdalena. When my dad was alive, he hated people calling me Sue, Suzy, Suzy Q, etc. He would always say, " If I had wanted her to be called Suzy, I would have named her Suzy. Her name is Suzanne." And that stuck with me, because now I can't stand it if people call me anything besides Suzanne. (well there are some high school nick names but thats a different story!)

I like answering questions. It makes it easier to blog. So hit me with another question!

Wednesday, February 11, 2004

It's All In A Name...

Andrea Q asked me where we came up with Magdalena. Before we got pregnant, we knew that if we had a boy we would name him after my father who died when I was 9. And since everyone kinda thought we were having a boy, we didn't really start to debate girl names until right before the first u/s when I got scared it may be a girl, and we wouldn't have a name for her! So anywho... I liked the names Madeline and Madelyn, which Erich hated. And then I discovered that they were really high up in popularity as published by the Social Security Administration. So, that sent those names out the window. When we were in Missouri visiting family, we looked through Erichs family tree and found the name Magdalena. It was Erichs great grandmas name and occurs a couple of other places in the tree. Magdalena means tower of greatness. So we decided on the trip back to Indiana on Magdalena. So we needed a middle name right?

Everything I liked he hated (isn't that how it always goes?). I liked Ruth and Jane and such. He didn't. He said he wanted something that ended in an A (don't ask me why). My mom wrote down a list of names on our side of the family and Eusevia is my grandmas name. (pronounced ae-oh-seh-vee-ah) I told Erich that night and he seemed to like it and thats how we came up with it. Magdalena Eusevia. A very unique and very Spanish name for a very unique little girl.

Any other questions?