Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Let me start off by saying I'm so sorry I haven't been religious about this lately. I've been reading beanmom, imacmom, and bizarrogirl, Mary and such but haven't really dove into mine. Alot of it would be because I am so incredibly tired. The glucophage (medicine I'm taking to control my insulin and help get me pregnant) has taken over my body. The side effects are in full force and let's just leave it at that they aren't pretty side effects. I've also started to read a book. I absolutely LOVE reading but don't do it often enough because of a lack of time. And when I do start to read the book I get so completely engrossed in it that I forget about all my other stuff I should be doing and just read. Right now I'm reading "I Don't Know How She Does It" a fabulous book about a corporate mom and how she has to juggle marriage, kids, and work. Though I don't have kids as of yet, I completely understand how hard it is to juggle marriage and a full time job. **sigh** I have to go now, the pizza I ordered is here. I promise to be better and blog religiously! :)

Sunday, February 09, 2003

Life has seemed like it has been on fast forward. I feel like I never get anything done. I'm always tired and this medicine IS MAKING ME SICK! And it doesn't stop when I get pregnant, I have to take it through the first trimester to bring the risk of miscarriage down. We ran errands yesterday, bought gas, did the grocery shopping, and played Sims. The husband has taken a nap each day this weekend but when I get up at 10am instead of 9am like I said I would, it pisses him off. URGH! I'm not a morning person, dangit. :(

Today my mother and stepdad came over for lunch. Baked spaghetti. Since we are living in the house I grew up in *that my mother just recently moved out of* and in the process of buying it, I obviously had to do mega cleaning. Now, don't get me wrong I am a clean person. I like to think that I keep a farely well, clean, organized household running. Remember that I do work 40+ hours a week. But my mother (who is perfect, right? and I will never obtain that kind of perfection in her eyes) cleans for a living. That's right folks her 40 hours that she puts in a week are cleaning a workplace. And she used to clean houses for extra cash. And on the weekends for fun she cleans vehicles (washes, waxes, and details) for some extra $$$. And (you guessed it) for fun she also cleans her own house. **sigh** With me being sick every night from this medicine, two dogs, and two very tired people living in the house, we never reach her "idea" of clean.

But it was nice to see them. We haven't done much since they left. Played a little more Sims, took the dogs for a walk. He took a nap but I didn't *because then I would be accused of sleeping too much* (damn double-standard) And my poor mouse is dying. :( I keep giving it CPR, and he is hanging on for dear life. Let's all pray for him because I don't want him to die, nor do I have the money to replace him. I'm going to bed do start another week again. Where the heck did my weekend go? I need like two weeks off to get stuff done, but I'm saving all my PTO to take an extended maternity leave. I want three months with PTO week right before it (so I don't go into labor at work which is highly likely doing the work I do) and a week PTO at the end of the three months. Of course, I guess I should get pregnant first. They don't like handing out time off in the first place, let alone maternity leaves for non pregnant people. More later... and rants that I've been saving up for a day when I have the energy to blog... sweet dreams...