Friday, March 24, 2006

I Forget Everything

I swear I do. Seriously folks, my memory is seriously getting bad lately. First off, Alisa is my new hero because she's so sweet!

Second, Allison, I have not received any emails from you. And if I did, they didn't register (see above about forgetting things) but I'm almost 100% positive that I've received nothing. I still have the same yahoo address. So try again! :)

There She Grows Again...

Alternative post titles include "oh my goodness you mean she has 12 weeks left!" or "She's Simply Huge"

Here she is ladies. Bambina in Utero gestated 26w2d (when the picture was taken)

You'll notice that you can still see my belly button ring. And let's do a quick cross reference shall we. Take notice of my "generous" shape with bambina and then go over here and see my belly with Magdalena 4 days before she was born. Is it just me or do they look awfully similar in size? I think a lot of it has to be that I feel like Bambina is more of a round basketball shape compared to her sister, who took more of an up and down oval like shape, you know? Oh well, they still seem to be about the same size, so I'm postive that the shape of me is not indicative of the size of her.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Bottles Vs. Breast Milk

I truly awesome read from a male perspective.


I'll be back later with a post (and a picture!)