Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Dream

When I was TTC the first time around, I had a dream about a beautiful brown eyed toddler girl that ran around the house filling it with laughter. That little girl is Magdalena, she matches the picture in my head perfectly. That dream will forever be burned into my brain and it seemed like a gift from some greater power when she came true.

Last night, I had this dream that I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy in the kitchen. I remember seeing the kitchen floor, and this teeny tiny baby sliding out of my body. I asked Erich to get something to cut the cord, and he handed me the kitchen scissors. The baby was so beautiful and I held him to my chest and smelled his sweet head. After we were detached, I took him upstairs where I washed his hair and cleaned him up. I put him in a kissaluv diaper and the tiny newborn wool wrap that I have and looked at him. He looked exactly like Magdalena did as a baby and I remember my heart feeling full as if it were going to burst.

I've been thinking about the dream all day. Feeling that tiny baby against my skin. It brings tears to my eyes when I think about it to. I can only hope that it was another gift from above.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Keeping Busy

I'm trying to keep busy. I'm very proud of myself as I haven't "cheated" and taken a HPT yet. And I'm not going to. If they tell me I'm pregnant on Monday, then I will probably take a test so I can see those two lines. I kept the test with Magdalena, wrapped it in plastic and put in a baggy where it now lives in her baby box. I know that is kinda gross, but I feel like I worked so hard to get those two lines, and I wanted to keep that prize. :) It's only fair that I do that the next time.

I need to sew my Mama Pads. I've neglected to do that every month and I feel like I really need to do that. Maybe if I actually get them done, I won't need them. A girl can hope, right? I also have a special embroidery project that needs to be done by Monday just in case things go our way. :)

I reorganized our kitchen the other day to get our toaster oven out and accessible. When Erichs grandparents sold their house in MO (then moved into Senior Living in TX near a son) I noticed they had a nice toaster oven, sparkling clean, and in the original box. I mentioned to Aunt Jan and my MIL that I would really like a toaster oven, but thought nothing beyond that. I was very surprised a week or two later when my in-laws brought it over. :) But I've never really found a good place to put it where it was accessible until yesterday. I'm excited about having it to use. I was able to clear out the toaster since the toaster oven will take that job over. I made Erich some sandwiches and froze them. Now all he has to do is pop it in the oven. ;)

On today's agenda is making an apple crisp (I'm having a major craving) and making banana muffins. The muffins will be wrapped in foil and frozen. They'll make an excellent snack or quick breakfast for Magdalena and Erich. This morning I made English Muffin Bread and later I'll be using it to assemble some egg and cheese sandwiches, which will be frozen. Erich will be able to pop those in the toaster oven in the mornings when he has early jobs, and be able to eat those instead of stopping at McD's.

Right now Magdalena is napping, T is at school, and I have a baked potato in the toaster oven. Soon I'll be eating a meal without anyone asking for a bite of it. That is true luxury my friends. ;)

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Yada Yada Yada

I've started using Live Journal for some more intimate posts. If you have a LJ username and would like to be able to read that journal, just leave your username in the comments. I do have veto rights, but there shouldn't be any problems with 99% of your reading. :)

Erich and I took Magdalena up to Michigan City, IN on Monday. Since it was a bank holiday, Erich had the day off and we were able to enjoy a little mini road trip. I went and picked up some things for Magdalena and Lili at the Hanna Anderson outlet store. Magdalena's snowsuit was ordered from there also and should be here soon along with a playdress/daydress, leggings, and some pj's. I'm uploading pictures on my flickr account. You need to be a friend to see the ones of Magdalena though. And for your viewing pleasure I'll post a video for you here. :)

Magdalena had fun running in the sand barefoot. It was pretty windy out there but it was still nice. Erich said we couldn't leave without letting Magdalena dip her toes in Lake Michigan. (brrr! That lake is cold!) She didn't really enjoy the dipping, but she did enjoy chasing Daddy!

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ETA: Everyone who left their LJ name has been added. :) You should be able to see me when you look at the manage friends screen. Manda, I've emailed you. Dianna, could you make sure I added the right name.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

I've Got Meme

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