Thursday, August 19, 2004

I'm here!

I'm currently exhausted and trying to keep up with my family. I know I know, I say I'm always tired. I'll stop. No really, I will stop. Erich even commented on how boring my blog is, what can I say? I'm a boring person.

I'm working on a photo gallery thingy. I'm thinking I'm going to need more of Erich's help then I wanted to ask for. hrmph. It will be password protected, so when I get it done ya'll can let me know who wants to see my girly. I'll post occasional pictures here and there, but I'm thinking I should confine it to one space. I'd like to know who's going there to look around.

Magdalena is saying two words! :) The first one was, you guessed it, Dada. She says this with a very happy smile on her face when she sees a picture of him, or rolls over in bed and doesn't see him on his side. Dada! :)

Her second word is Mama. I had her on the floor the other day and when I came back in the room she was crying saying, "MaaaaMaaaa, MaaaaMaaaa, MaaaMaaa,MMMMM" It's happened on a couple more occasions so I'm saying it's official. The sucky part is she says it when she is sad, and Dada when she is happy. Boo. Be happy to see me too little girl! :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Magdalena is getting to be such a big girl! (well not in size, but in personality!) Look at how her leg is in the picture! Just cracks me up. Oh, and I'm in the picture too, at least my shadow is! :)  Posted by Hello

Monday, August 16, 2004

Long Time

It's been an incredibly long and busy week. Sorry for the lack of posts. The biggest news this last week is that Erich is finished with school! He got two A's in his last two courses and was already informed he had met all the requirements for graduation! :) They'll confirm all of the grades on Sept. 2 and order the diplomas. They are hoping the diplomas will be in by late October! Once they confirm grades, I'll probably have an open house bbq in honor of my graduate. :)

The second big thing is that I will be continuing my home care. I'm excited about this because it will bring about extra income that we so desperately need! I already have lots of things lined up to pay such as plates, car insurance, and such things. I also want some new size 2 kissaluvs (well I'll actually order from the outlet store) but I'm hoping to buy a couple dozen of those. Hopefully we'll have a nice christmas too.

I've been sunning my diapers that are really stained right out of the dryer. It's been nice to have them taken care of and it's amazing how quickly the stains dissappear. I've also stayed on top of all of the laundry which is so relieving.

I'm sorta staying on top of my house too. It's hard with everyone coming and going, but I feel like I am getting my act together again. We've been enjoying some fresh air outside and have had the window and door open practically all week. I'm loving not running the air conditioner, I can practically feel the money staying in my pocket! ha! We actually had to shut everything a couple times last week because we were cold!

It's so wild to be so chilly in August. I was thinking back to our wedding day (August 10, 2002). It was about a 100 degrees outside with a heat index of 110 degrees. I was thanking myself that we had found a church and decided against that wedding in the park. My legs were actually sweating underneath my wedding gown IN the air conditioning. I won't ever forget that.

I must go, the diva is calling. She's been incredibly clingy this past week or so. I think it is because she is so so so so so close to actually crawling on all fours. She does creep and army crawl backwards. I think she could physically crawl, it's really just about getting the confidence and the dance of it down. And she doesn't like staying on her tummy that long so usually just rolls on over to her back etc to get to her destination of choice.