Friday, March 28, 2003

This has been an awfully long week. I clocked a half hour overtime on monday and another half hour today. The husband and I have been carpooling on Monday thru Thursday (did I mention that before?) since gas prices went up. They are coming back down but it is nice to have the time together during the week. :) Not to mention that it is saving bunches of money by not driving the truck everyday. It is expensive to fill that thing! We carpooled today because I am a fool. I get off of work at 19:20 (7:20pm) and he generally gets off between 20:00 and 20:30 (8 and 8:30). Which by the time he gets to where I work, is an hour and a half or so that I wait. I come down here to the library and surf the web, try to post, and catch up on the blogs I can read here from work (some of them are filtered out because of network stupidity.) Today, even though I worked a bit later, I've been waiting what seems like FOREVER!

I did sign up for a blogrolling account. I've added it to my template but I can't see if it works because my blog is one of the "stupidly filtered out blogs." I've been meaning to add a list of links so that people could see who I read and to pay tribute to the wonderful ladies who share their lives with me. But let's face it, I'm HTML stupid and I don't ever seem to have the time anymore.

Exciting baby news is that I bought my Basal Thermometer a few days ago and my temperature spiked this morning. I'm taking it that I'm ovulating considering AF left last weekend. (yes that's right, AF was in town for about twenty days!!!)_We've "taken the necessary steps" to become pregnant (he!he!he!) and now I'm crossing my fingers. I was so excited about the thermometer but even seeing it spike on the graph I started at Fertility Friend has made me giddy and given me a brighter outlook on life! yay!

I have a whole stack of coupons I need to cut out (I swiped them from the coupon box at work. I swear I am the only one that takes coupons out of that thing!) And I want to go to the potty. Everybody have fabulous weekends! I'll try to write more often (I know I say that everytime!) Honestly if I didn't have the stupidest shift in the world (11a-19:20p) then life would be a hell of a lot easier. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that a day shift pops up SOON!

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Last night was just plain awful. After I wrote last I finished up my lunch hour and went back to the floor and got my evening assignment. I go to check on my rooms and they are having problems and send me up for blood. This pattern continues about four times which equaled 9 units of blood, 1 unit platelets, and 2 units plasma. They started a code and called it about 30 minutes later. :( I always cleaned up dead bodies in nursing homes. Other people couldn't handle it so they would come and get me to do it for them. It's the least I could do, clean them up as best I could so that they could go to the funeral home. One last farewell from me since I loved all the residents and only wanted the best for them. I think this was different because I watched as we tried to save this persons life. I had awful dreams all last night. Dreams about walking around the morgue and dreams about shrouding (basically putting them in a body bag) people I actually knew. It was a long day. I got in the car at the end of the night looked at my dh and just said nothing. We went home and I made cinnamon rolls and milk for dinner, climbed into bed, and passed out. I don't ever want to relive that again, though I know that I will someday.

I guess it kind of amazes people of the rare instances when people do actually die in surgery. Sure lots of TV shows say thats what happened but the reality isn't there. We have cases that go bad and we take them to ICU in bad shape but they don't die on our table. The nurse I was working with has never lost a patient in 32 years of being an OR nurse until last night. We were all a bit edgy to say the least.

Today was thankfully boring. I didn't do a darn thing past 4 o'clock, which was fine by mean. Though rumor has it that tomorrow at the meeting they are going to be announcing that anyone who has no work to do will be sent home. Sucky. I love going home but now that I'm carpooling four days a week I am stuck here to my husband gets off work. (usually about an hour and a half after I get off) Besides that I need the 40 hours so that I can keep paying bills off in massive quantities!

I just bought a pair of shoes off of Shoebuy. That's where I got the shoes that I wear ALL OF THE TIME, but they died a few days ago (though I am still wearing them). They seam is coming apart and my little toe sticks out. My husband bought them last time so I used his membership. This time though the shoes were a total of $36.38 marked down from $50.95. I found a coupon for 20% off on Fatwallet and got an additional 10% off for registering to be a member. yay! :) I love getting good deals. :)

Okay, I'm off to go check on imacmom, beanmom, and bizarro girl. :) Have a spectacular evening!

Monday, March 24, 2003

Okay I've just been awful at updating this thing. I'm sorry. It really has been quite busy. Friday night after work I went and babysat. We babysat again on Saturday and on Sunday we did construction cleanup (which is mighty hard work.) While doing this exhausting manual labor, dh and I began to wonder why is it that manual labor pays less than desk labor. Yeah, yeah I know desk labor requires a degree but manual labor is reallyhard!

This morning we had my grandfather over for breakfast, which was very nice. We had pancackes, sausage, scrambled eggs, and some strawberries. Yum! :) Saturday evening we went and did grocery shopping for the entire month. With our coupons (which were doubled by the store) and the ad savings we saved a total of $40 off of our grocery bill. It was quite lovely. :)

Health wise I am kind of at a standstill. Last week the doctor gave me progesterone which would stop the bleeding (period), but although the bleeding has slowed down, it hasn't stopped. At least I'm not feeling like I am bleeding to death (like I did last week) but seeing that I've now been bleeding for 24 days(!) something really needs to happen. Everybody seems to think that a D&C would help and lots of people have them and then become pregnant almost directly afterwards. But let me remind you that I work in surgery and I do have faith in the people taking care of you but I am scared to death of being put to sleep. I know that it is quite safe and people do it everyday like crossing the street. But let us not forget that some people occasionally get hit when they cross the street!

Even though I don't want to I am calling the doctor. I'm constantly exhausted which could be because I am now anemic from the blood loss. So I really need to give her a heads up, ya know?

I promise to be more faithful and write everyday even if I just don't feel awake enough. I'll force myself to, and usually it makes me feel better and it only takes a few minutes, right?