Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Monday, May 08, 2006

Visions of Nesting

I'm so sorry for my absence. Things have been crazy, to say the least, around here. I almost don't know where to start. But I guess I'll start where the absence began.

Soon after I posted pictures on Flickr of my belleh at 30 weeks, my laptop broke. Here are the pictures you missed:

Anyway, the laptop broke. Having a geeky computer repairman husband, I knew it wasn't my hard drive (THANK GOODNESS!). Turns out my fan died. The computer would start to boot then immediately shut itself off to protect from overheating. So a few phone calls later and the laptop sans hard drive was on it's way to Texas to get a new fan courtesy of Acer and my warranty. I talked them into letting me keep my hard drive so I could use Erichs enclosure to back up my stuff and be able to access, well, everything. Dude, I depend way to much on my laptop!

So it came back last week. It works well now too. :) But Erich was home on vacation and we were doing lots of stuff around the house and hanging out as a family. So my laptop time was still being robbed because Erich wins out over the Internet. We had so much fun with him home too. It was hard to see him leave us to go back to work today. :( Maybe someday he can have a job that pays well enough and work from home. That would be awesome.

He might have been a little bit glad to go back though cause I put him to work. Heh. For weeks now, I've had the urge to nest but never the energy required for the work that needed done. My list became increasingly longer as I thought about it too. The week before his vacation, Erich decided that we should have a garage sale. I protested a bit, because I knew how much work would be involved, but agreed. I slowly started going through drawers here and there and started a pile. However, while he was home I got the motivation to dig out the baby clothes and sort. Piles of clothes sorted into keep, sell, give away, donate, etc etc. (Don't worry if you have given me clothes in the past, I sorted them and sent them on to good homes. I did not sell them.) In fact I'm still kinda knee deep in the clothes, because I'm having trouble getting them put back. And all those itty bitty pink newborn gowns, man I'm getting excited!

So anyway, back to the subject. Since Erich was home I decided that he would be the perfect extra set of hands that I needed to get some of my list done! He had had to do some work before earlier in the day and was tired, but reluctantly agreed to help me sort through the linen closet. Our linen closet had turned into a dumping ground. You could no longer walk into it and you could barely get to the linens as they were all just dumped in the closet. So we started by emptying out the closet. We pulled EVERYTHING out of it and sorted into piles of sheets (twin, full, queen, blankets, etc) and then we went threw and folded and tossed and did lots of that stuff. The "keep" stuff went back into the closet in orderly piles on the shelf. All organized and neat looking, I was charged! I was ready to move on to the next closet, but Erich needed a nap. So while he napped I moved on to my closet which is supposed to be walk in, but at that point was anything but a walk in closet. I put away, sorted (just like baby clothes) and all kinds of good stuff and got rid of a BUNCH of stuff that no longer fits or I would never wear again. It was awesome. So at that point I moved on to yet another room. Heh. You see where this is going right?

At 10pm that night Erich asked me, "When are you going to start leaving things alone so we can go to BED!?" So I stopped, but man that felt good. The next day things were sent to their new homes, sold, or hauled to goodwill. Man, decluttering helps the soul. Seriously. And it's probably made better by the fact that I'm pregnant because that nagging voice in your head that says "maybe I'll need this/maybe I'll fit into this later/ I sorta like it though/ what if" and makes you keep stuff, is totally gone. That thought never crossed my mind, and I'm sure that's how the piles got so big.

So hard core nesting around here. And have you ever noticed how seeing how great things look makes you move on to the next room? I found awesome stuff too! And my next big room to tackle is reorganizing the play room!

Moving on, Magdalena is such a little opinionated girl now. It's weird how she's this totally unique person, you know? Yesterday as I was drying her off and putting lotion on her I exclaimed "I'm going to eat your toes!" and she screamed in horror "NO! NO EAT MY TOES " Poor girl, thought I was going to actually eat her toes. I couldn't help but laugh, it was to funny. The things she says makes both Erich and myself burst into fits of laughter sometimes. The way she discovers things is awesome. Like today, she came to me, grabbed my hand and said "cmere!" She took me over to a corner of the house where the sun was shining and her shadow was revealed and asked "wht's dat? Wht's dat Mommy?" It's so cool to watch her discover her world.

She also loves birds. She picked up a yard ornament of a bird the other day and started making it "fly" around in the yard. She kept singing "fly birdie fly!"

We have a new family of birds that have taken up residence on a high ledge on our porch. They are pretty quiet and don't leave messes so I left them alone. After watching for a while I realized that they must have little baby birds in the nest, which surprised me since it's so quiet out there. The Mama Bird flys in frequently during the day bringing lots of worms with her. Magdalena loves to watch her fly in and out from our living room window. The Daddy Bird comes by frequently too. I climbed up on a chair and took a picture of the nest with my phone while they were out today.

Aren't they adorable? Anyway, this has gotten long enough. Next up, more talk about baby and a new belly picture!