Thursday, July 24, 2003

Why does time pass so slowly around here? I had a million things to "finish" here and I've about got them all done. Urgh. I hate work.
OB appointment went well! :) She thinks that I did in fact pass a kidney stone. She thinks the soreness and tenderness will get better over the next couple of days. :) She is glad I was feeling better, and said she was very worried about me because the nurses said I was dry as a bone. :( But I feel better then ever in fact. :) I did lose a pound, but she said she figured I would since everything that I had been through. She found the heartbeat, but he kept moving so we couldn't count it. He kept kicking the doppler, saying " Hey lady, get out of here! I'm trying to do my gymnastics routine!" She said she wasn't worried about counting it since we heard the heartbeat and he was SO active! :)

I just finished lunch, frozen burritos with cheese on top. Yum... I have to gain back the weight I lost says the great OB. So that would mean something like 5 pounds in the next month or so. Since this nausea is gone, I definitely feel up to the challenge! In fact, the South Bend Chocolate Company has a booth set up right now in the cafeteria. I'm thinking chocolate turtles and some fudge. YUM! That will bring that pound back. ;)

After work I must do about 1 million things to get ready for this trip! I was thinking on the way up here how next summer, we'll be getting ready to travel with a 6 month old baby! wow. I think we are planning on trying to go to Mexico to see my Grandma and Grandpa. My mom and stepdad will go to (so Erich and my Stepdad don't feel so shut out by the language barrier!) My Grandma told me she can't wait to see my big fat belly in a picture and then hold her first gringo great grandbaby! :) Only 1/2 gringo though. :) They said they want to meet the giant gringo too! (that would be Erich since he is SO tall! Remember that I'm only 5'2" and my mom 5" and my grandma is something like 4'8"! We Mexicans aren't exactly basketball players!)

Okay I actually have to work now. Boo for work. Love to all.

*can you tell I'm feeling ten million times better?*
Okay, OB appointment this morning at 10:10. Get to hear the heartbeat, always a plus. Maybe she'll tell me of my mysterious side pain that still persists. Though it isn't as bad as it was a few days ago. I think the dehydration intensified everything! It's been an interesting few days let me tell you, but the bonus is that my child is beautiful and healthy. :) Tomorrow we leave on vacation, thank goodness!

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

I'm back from the hospital. They did the renal ultrasound and such and then sent me to the short stay unit for two bags of IV fluid. yum... I'm feeling a ton better. (oh the gave me nausea medicine) and some tylenol and started feeding me. I was so dry they couldn't stick me which is bad since I'm the best stick this side of Indianapolis. :) Well, more later.. Just wanted to let you know.
I'm headed back to the hospital. They want to do another ultrasound of my kidneys, ureters, and gallbladder. The gall bladder is on the wrong side of the pain but they are worried since a sip of gatorade makes me puke like 4 times. Wish me luck. I'll update later.
Well, I'm alive. I ignored my pain on Monday and went about the day. Tuesday morning I started incontrollably vomiting, not morning sickness vomiting, bad bad bad vomiting. They told me to go straight to the ER because I may have a kidney stone. I was pretty freaked out, went to the ER. No UTI, no infection. THey can't find my ovaries (since my uterus has pushed them up to far laterally) so they don't think there is a cyst. They couldn't see the appendix with the ultrasound machine, but I don't have a surgical belly. I'm still tender and my side still hurts. I haven't eaten anything that has stayed down since Monday night. yuck. I got a small amount of broth down yesterday but not much. When we left the hospital, with a little nausea medicine on board and some for pain, my mom took me to eat. I had a bit of salad, puked, felt SO much better, ate more. On the way home, puked. heh. So that is where I am right now. I have to call the doctor and "follow up" with her. I was going to wait until Thursday for my regular appointment, but I still haven't eaten anything and my appetite is no where to be found and I don't consider this good considering I'm pregnant. I am determined to go on my vacation this weekend though, I need a break!

On the plus side of the trip to the ER, we saw Baby. I sent Erich to work (no use in waiting all day 9am until 5pm where he could do nothing) my mom came with me. This was the first time seeing the heartbeat, hearing the heartbeat, and seeing her first grandbaby. She cried and he waved at her. While we were watching him and trying to get a good picture he did a giant flip in there which was very awesome. My mom kept saying, " Oh wow, I can see him! Oh look that's a good shot, oh oh oh wow! hi baby!" Can you tell this is her first grandbaby? The technician even printed her off her own picture. She says she was taking it straight home to the fridge! My stepbrother and stepsister will probably think it's weird, or cool. Who knows? But it was the highlight of my day (and hers too I think). I was glad she got to see him, and see all the fuss. And it is great to have a picture that looks like a baby. Erich likes that. :) Wow, this is really happening.

Monday, July 21, 2003

Okay so I'm going to have a little poll. Please leave a comment to tell me what you think and then I'll do what ya'll think I should do!

Remember me saying that I have that pain in my side that could possibly be appendix pain? Well, I actually think it might be a UTI. So here is the question... should I call the nurse and tell her today? OR just wait for my doctor appt on Thursday?
What a cool book!
Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Wizard of Oz:: there's no place like home...(tap tap tap)
  2. Ford:: found on the road dead
  3. Wrinkles:: ruffles have ridges?
  4. Extravagant:: person
  5. Conventional:: oven?
  6. Stewart:: Little
  7. Offensive:: person
  8. Heartbeat:: baby
  9. Chaos:: mass
  10. Jiffy::pop

OH! Ha! Did I mention that I am now 12weeks 2 days pregnant! yay! I made it! I'm an accomplished pregnant person! lol
I think I'm going to have to do a bit of research in the library today. I'm having a major pain right around my appendix (I think.). It isn't a cramp more like a muscle being pulled, but it hurts so bad that when I stand up I can't stand straight unless I push on it and clench my teeth together. Ouch. It also hurts when I empty my bladder, and it hurts when my bladder is full, and... As a matter of fact, it just hurts. I just want to make sure that it is just a muscle and not, ya know, my appendix going bad. Usually those start out with a dull ache and gradually get worse which is kinda what this is doing.