Friday, June 06, 2003

Hello all. Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I was in a hellish mood and left work early. I hate my job. It has become increasingly harder each day to come in. I dread work and I hate that. I also have the itch now to stay home which we are planning on doing anyways after the baby is born. It is so hard here though. I don't feel appreciated. I'm not really fond of the people I work with. I'm so tired that I feel like I can't even keep up with my work. It all sucks really bad and is not made any easier by the fact that I cry at the drop of a hat. That's right folks. I'm in full blown hormone overdrive.

Speaking of hormones, the doctor called and put me on progesterone. She said that my progesteron was in the normal limits but on the lower side of normal and that she was just being extremely cautious. Good. :) Which reminds me I have to go pick up the Metformin from the Associate Pharmacy. I will be on the Metfomin and the progesterone until 12 weeks.

I've lost the ability to suck it in. Not that I have a baby pouch yet. Just can't suck it in. I used to go around work constantly sucking it in, letting it out, sucking it in, letting it out. It's strange now because I can't sick it in. I feel like there is someone on the inside pushing against me when I try. Hm. Strange eh?

Also getting strange "tugging" feelings around my pelvic bone. Not cramps more like spasms. Uncomfortable but not horribly painful. Anyone know what it could be?

Wednesday, June 04, 2003

22 days till the ultrasound! I'm more relaxed lately. I know everything is okay except that some other part of me worries all of the time. My mom bought me "The Pregnancy Journal" and I love it! It tells me what is happening every day and that is really neat. I think Erich likes reading it too. It keeps him involved. I really want to get "The Expectant Father" for him. I might like to read it too, heh. Maybe I'll ask my mom or his mom to get it for him for Fathers Day or for his birthday this month!

WE ARE GETTING A NEW COMPUTER! Whoopee! :) This Saturday is when it will be ready and it is the computer of both of our dreams. Yay! I'll be back online at home Saturday evening. Erich's best friend is getting married that day and I'm on call but come hell or high water we are going to be online! I haven't been able to read SO many blogs because they are blocked from work. urghh.

Oops I have to go to the weekly meeting and go to the potty! Hope all is well. I'll sit and write more later! :)

Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Okay I'm feeling a bit better today. Mainly because the nausea is coming back. For the past few days I hadn't been as sick as I had been before. That scares me. But it is coming back. And I know that the nausea probably got better because my nutrition was better. I've been eating a ton of fruits (it's about the only thing that tastes good!) and the prenatal vitamins probably help balance stuff out. I also started eating something every hour and a half to two hours. And I've been drinking TONS of H2O and rasberry lemonade (I can't get rid of that craving, yummm) I've cut back my caffeine intake to one coke a day (coca-cola that is) and I'm gradually weaning down to a smaller cup size all together (again the drink size. the other cup size is long gone) So the better lifestyle "should" make the nausea go away and it did. The OB calleld this morning to say that my progesterone is fine. I'm fine. STOP WORRYING! ha! I can't imagine that if I worry about him when he's in there all cozy and such, how will I ever deal with taking him out of my body. (I'm calling him him now. I don't like calling it it. And I don't like calling it embryo fetus etc etc etc. It's a baby to me. My baby, so I feel I should address him as a person of importance. )

23 days until the ultrasound!!! I really could just go back and get the ultrasound from one of the OR rooms and look for myself but it is hard to distinguish objects and such. I'll be glad when I get to the point at which I can hear the heartbeat on the doppler. We have a doppler in the OR and I have experience finding the heartbeat from when I worked in L&D so I can probably safely bet that is why I will go to work then. Just to hear the heartbeat, heh. I find myself feeling a lot like Shana. I'll be feeling a certain way or asking myself a certain question and I'll log onto the web and see her blog and feel reassured that she feels the same way too. I almost wanna call her up on the phone and talk to her, hehe.

The damn internet still isn't working and for the love of God I DON"T KNOW WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG! I'm about to give up and go buy a new computer. Erich thinks it maybe the motherboard and we've tried everything including standing on our heads holding our breath while jiggling the cord. Urgh. I will have internet by God and I want cable internet at that! Hmph.

Gotta go back to work. Later gators.

Monday, June 02, 2003

24 days till the ultrasound! Damn internet is STILL not working. It recognizes the modem now but the software won't install. We are about to give up and get DSL. It's driving me mad! So I have some things to do around the house when I get home but after that I'm going to make that damn computer connect to the internet if it is the last thing I do. I have to go back to work right now but I hope to be getting off very soon. I hate it here and I don't want to work at all. I'll write more later. (hopefully!)