Friday, January 14, 2005


My sanity. If found, please return ASAP. Thanks.

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Thursday, January 13, 2005

More of the park. Posted by Hello

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This is where that Indiana corn comes from... a field! Posted by Hello

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Some Other Day

Remember how I talked about the fifteen inches of snow that was dumped in Indiana? Then I talked about the inch of ice that accumulated? Well, now there is lots of flooding. Flooding, flooding, and more flooding and the forecast is calling for **drumroll** you guessed it! Heavy Rain! Yay! Our park currently looks like an ocean, well as close to an ocean as you get in Indiana. heh. If it gives you a mental picture, the creek that runs in the park in our town has crested and is now reaching as far as two streets away from the park! Highways are shut down, the schools closed today, and my basement is accumulating water. Yeehaw. Excuse me while I go clean up some water, oh and take care of my cranky rash covered baby.

Blah Bleh Blah

Well, Magdalena is allergic to penicillin. She is covered from head to toe in a rash. We've stopped abx at this point. I'm going to go get her some benadryl to help the rash clear up and stop the itching. They are also going to call something else in (maybe) to help her cold symptoms but we are not starting another abx. I'm a bit sad that she is allergic to it though. I'm not allergic to anything and I don't like the idea that she is allergic to an entire family of abx. Oh well.

I spoke with R last night. She really is quite lovely. I'm lucky to have the friendship, even though I've never met her IRL. :)

Monday, January 10, 2005

Hands Off

So, Magdalena is now officially baptized. **wipes forehead** We don't attend church as we should, but we do believe in God. I'm a Catholic and that tiny little Catholic girl stuck inside of me was ranting and raving that Magdalena is almost a year old and not baptized. She (the girl inside of me) was shouting "We're going to hell! We're going to hell!!!" So she's baptized. We started the process in the fall, and since it is the Catholic church, we had to jump through about 10,000 hoops including renewing our vows in the Catholic Church, which we did on Saturday. Erich has now married me twice. So we've been honeymooning all weekend. heh.

In other unrelated news, Magdalena is a sick baby. Poor poor sick baby. It started during Christmas with a cough. She had a horrible horrible cough and Erich made us go to the doctor on 27th of December (this was after the trip on Christmas Eve Eve because of my honeymoon cystistis. Ouch.) Anyways, the NP said it was just a cough and congestion, gave me some prescription strength decongestant to really help and let her sleep and to come back if it got worse. So fast forward to last week, I stopped giving her the cough med at night because it made her anxious. And her cough was getting much better, so I really wasn't giving it to her in the day, just at night because she has several fits of coughing. But on Friday, she really started to just get worse, snot coughing fussiness. I thought about taking her to the doctor, but then I thought she could probably just fight it herself. I don't want to be one of those mothers that rush off to the doctor at every single sniffle. Saturday she felt like crap. She was unhappy having oil rubbed all over her and water poured on her head. She looked at the priest like, "back off buddy. Stop touching me." When we got home with the crowds of people to eat cake I started rushing around and being a hostess and Erich took Magdalena upstairs and changed her and such. When I finally sat down Magdalena had fallen asleep on the couch with her dad by herself which is EXTREMELY odd for her. So I picked her up when she started to stir and she was burning up. Her temp was 103.3. She's been running that temp all weekend whenever the Motrin wears off. With Motrin, her temp is 99.4. I called the oncall doc on Saturday and he told me to bring her in if she started vomiting or spiked a 104 temp. It's Monday, her fever is still around and now **I'm** starting to get sick, as is Erich. He told me I wasn't allowed to get sick because I'm supposed to take care of them. Hmph. Blech.

I end this with saying, if I am in the store and you, a stranger (not my terrific blogging friends), see my incredibly adorable daughter-- KEEP YOUR FARGING HANDS OFF OF HER! DO NOT TOUCH HER. YOU ARE DISEASED. AND SHE IS NOT YOUR PROPERTY NOR SOME LITTLE STATUE TO BE PETTED. SHE IS A HUMAN BEING! HOW MANY ADULTS TO YOU JUST WALK UP TO AND PET?

There, I feel better now. Does anybody else have that problem?