Friday, January 31, 2003

The Friday Five:

1. As a child, who was your favorite superhero/heroine? Why?
I really didn't have a superhero favorite. I do remember that I loved the Smurfs and Fraggle Rock. They were awesome. Since I am half mexican, my grandma (who lives in Mexico) would send me taped copies of the Smurfs in Spanish. That was awesome! :)

2. What was one thing you always wanted as a child but never got?
I really can't think of any one thing I didn't get that I wanted. If I didn't get it, I knew that it was because we probably couldn't afford it and that there were good reasons I didn't have it. The person I wanted constantly was my dad after he died. I still want that. :(

3. What's the furthest from home you've been?
Probably Norway. When I was little I was in the Indianapolis Children's Choir and I toured all over the world! I've been to Norway, Italy, Austria, Switerzerland, France, Germany, England, not to mention numerous places here in the states. That was awesome! :)

4. What's one thing you've always wanted to learn but haven't yet? I want to learn to drive a stick shift! I think it would be lots of fun!

5. What are your plans for the weekend?
My husband has a friend coming over tomorrow so I'm going to cook for them, clean the house, and lay low. I'M GOING TO BATHE THE STINKING DOGS!! *which I've been trying to do for a little over a week now!*

THANK GOD IT IS FRIDAY! :) I've waited so long this week to be here. Great TV on last night and I was blessed with the presence of my husband the entire time! I love him so much! I go to the doctor tomorrow morning and on MONDAY! So excited about Monday because we are gonna get pregnant. I'm getting so excited I can't wait! WOOT! Tonight I am going out to eat with my best work buddy Melissa. She is awesome. It's gonna be great! :)

Thursday, January 30, 2003


1. When was the last time you ever walked out of a movie while it was still playing on screen? Or have you ever?
I have never done this! Should I have?

2. What sort of things would you do if you could be as outgoing and uninhibited as you wish?
I would tell people what I really thought. I would learn to stick up for myself, voice my opinions and not worry what people will think. I would dance without the assistance of alcohol and sing at the top of my lungs in front of my friends (since I was a voice major, I have a lot of experience singing in front of strangers which doesn't make me nervous at all, but my friends are different because I actually care about what they think!).

3. In an expensive restaurant, after a very nice, enjoyable meal, the waitress brings you your check. You notice you didn't get charged for one of the items. What, if anything, do you do?

I probably wouldn't say anything. (I'm so evil!) If it was an "expensive" restaurant, they would probably be overcharging me anyways. Alas, since I haven't any nerve *see question 2* I would probably just tell them and they would get to overcharge me anyways. :(

Thursday! yay! Must see TV, tonight! :) I'm at work and it looks like I may be able to slip out early so I can get home in time to watch friends! And bake homemade cupcakes for the birthday party at work tomorrow. ;) This morning was interesting. We woke up and it was ABSOLUTELY FREEZING in the house. I looked at the thermostat and it said that it was a whopping 47 degrees! woot! The pilot light blew out and we had to restart it. Taking a shower was a horrible experience, it isn't fun shedding your clothes in 47 degree weather! :) Hopefully it will be nice and cozy when I get home. :)

Wednesday, January 29, 2003

Okay I apologize. I haven't been back to post for a couple of days. I feel bad! This week has just been nuts. I've been trying to do the glucose testing (though waiting in the outpatient lab for two hours doesn't fit in to my schedule very well), and it has been nuts at work. This is somewhat of a good thing because it keeps me busy and stops me from asking to go home early. Though it is bad because I hate not being at home and being productive, and my feet hurt! I've been trying to go to the grocery store every night this week, but after I get off my feet hurt so bad and my head pounds that I just don't make it. With the glucose test out of the way though, I'm going tonight because I can sleep in tomorrow. I go to the OBGYN on Monday and (FINALLY!) we are going to start the plan to get pregnant! yay! This baby is going to feel wanted when he finds out the pains I went to have him! ;)

I'm at work right now. I'm wishing every minute for a vacation. People all over the surgery department have been calling in sick. We have been somewhat busier already but with the shortage of staff it just makes things worse. I'm still tired of petty people at work too. But I realize that they will never change so I might as well give up. I have to go to the staff meeting we have every Wednesday in a few minutes. That's a guaranteed boring hour!

Not much else going on. We were having issues with the bathtub not draining. We did everything short of pouring acid down the drain to get it to work! My stepdad came and him and my hubby took apart the pipes through the whole house and snaked them. I finally got rid of the drain fumes (gross!) and the tub drains! yay for elbow grease!

I constantly sit and think about getting pregnant. How I want a baby so much! That's all I have ever wanted to do, be pregnant and have babies. Now that it is okay (seeing that I'm a married woman now) it is just my luck that I would have to go through so much red tape. So I hope that the treatment works fast and I get pregnant soon! It would be great to have a baby in time for xmas. :) I'm secretly hoping that it isn't an insulin problem seeing that I don't want to take insulin meds for the rest of my life. Let's just do the clomid drug and get it done quickly! :) I have to go to that stupid meeting now. Hopefully I won't fall asleep! Everyone take care!

Monday, January 27, 2003

Yesterday I wrote this big long blog and when I went to publish it the page displayed an error and my blog was gone forever. :( I did accomplish a bunch of stuff yesterday. I mopped all of the hard wood floors, vaccuumed, and did laundry. :) We went to a superbowl party (though neither of us like sports) at my husbands bosses house. It turned out to be a lot of fun.

I went to the doctor this morning for my ultrasound. Tomorrow I get my blood drawn again and next week back to the doctors office to find out what my treatment plan is. I'm at work right now. I still have another 25 minutes or so before I need to go and change so I'm just kinda surfing the net. Maybe I'll go read FARK. That sounds like a lot of fun. I'm exhausted so I hope work goes fast, I can't leave early today I need the money way to much. I have so much to do at home too. **sigh** Have a great day everybody!

Sunday, January 26, 2003

Sorry I didn't post yesterday. I can hardly even remember yesterday, though I do believe I worked really hard. Surgery has been really busy lately, there aren't really any interesting cases though we have been doing a lot of AAA's (aortic aneuryisms.) I hate vascular cases. Today the hubby and I went and purchased tires for the truck. Really big manly tires that make him beam from ear to ear. That puts a smile on my face, though I hate to see what I'll look like climbing out of a truck that tall someday when I'm big and pregnant (hopefully someday soon!) :)

Tomorrow nothing extremely exciting. He wants to go to church, and don't get me wrong I do to, but it has been so terribly cold out that on Sunday morning I am so comfy knowing that I can sleep in (since I don't have to work on Sunday) and that it is so nice and warm and cozy in my bed. I know, it's evil! It reminds me of my mom. (background info you should know: I'm half mexican, half irish. My mother was born in Mexico. so she often speaks or sings to me in spanish) But anyways, on Sunday mornings when I was little she would come in and sing/ whisper this song into my ear in spanish (roughly translated) " in the morning when you are sleeping, the devil comes and says, don't go to church!..." I can't seem to remember the rest though, hehe. Oh, right tomorrow I must also bathe dogs!, mop floors, and vacuum with my brand new hepa filter super vacuum (complete with cape and googles! ha!). **sigh** And I have more laundry to do. When is there not any laundry to do? It really should be legal to do laundry in the nude so that all of the laundry would be finished. Munch, my sorority sister, and I came up with that last year. *don't worry we didn't do our laundry naked, though it was the most brilliant idea we ever came up with at 3:30 in the morning!*

Okay I'm going to bed. It's late Saturday night/ Sunday morning and if he expects me to get up for church in the snow and cold, I better get some sleep. Buenos Noches!