Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Santa Came!

Santa Came!
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It was so much fun with the Santa thing this year. Christmas Eve was filled with much anticipation and activity to get ready for Santa! We made snickerdoodles with Grandma Sue and put out reindeer food in front of our house so the reindeer would see our house from the air. ;) We taped Santa's Magic Key to the door of the house so that he could get in to leave our presents since we had to cap off our chimney this fall. :) Then we set out milk, cookies, and carrots on our special Santa cookie plate. We got into our brand new Christmas Eve Pajammies and off to bed they went.

In the morning we woke up to this! Both girls were absolutely thrilled, and Magdalena was thoroughly impressed to find Santa's Magic Key hanging on the tree. (Since he used it to get in then left it on the tree so we could find it.) All together a very fun filled evening!