Friday, September 19, 2003

An "actual" Belly Pic

Well, you can see me and all of my glory here. 21 weeks and it seems I am really popping out! My tummy no longer looks fat, but pregnant. Yahoo! :) Right? Notice my belly button ring is still in tact, but no one knows how much longer! :)

Pokey, the Pincushion

That is what I will be shortly. I am beginning to think that this might help a lot. I find that my feeling bad revoloves around what I am eating and such. I think monitoring my blood sugar and working with the diabetic nurse to come up with a good diet for me will help tremendously. Though I am not really looking forward to all of the poking. It will be 5x a day. (morning, one hour after each meal, and bedtime) With about 132 days left of my pregnancy, that will be a bit over 500 pokes. Ouch. :(

Thursday, September 18, 2003

Cinderelly, cinderelly...


What movie Do you Belong in?(many different outcomes!)
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My what a big Blogroll you have.

If you care, I've added a few links of people I've been reading. I found them off of other people blogrolls and wanted the ease and convenience. :) And they are very cool peoples.

Funny girl

You know, the more I read Allisons blog the more I think she is one cool chicky.

More whining

I know you must all be sick of this by now, but whining makes me feel better. I'm supposed to be staying away from stress but Royalpaininmyass does nothing but stress me out. Let's recap what she's done today:

walked in the door 20 minutes late
checked her email, read online stories
now she is putting on her makeup.

URGH. My day:

Gone to mailroom twice.
Shelved books.
Checked in journals, shelved.
Straightened desks/chairs.
Helped patron look for lost journal.
Answered questions.
Fixed computers/printers.
Copied about a zillion pages for supervisor.
Found online articles, printed off.
Taken article to MD three buildings away.

And gee, I've only been here 3 hours and 37 minutes. I hate no one, but seriously, I'm starting to hate her.

You spin me right round baby right round

I'm not sure if those are the exact words to that song, but that is what I'm singing in my head. Why?, you ask? Well, that's because my world is spinning, like it does everyday. The nurse called and said that she called in my glucometer, I'm to go pick it up this evening. She is making the appointment for me to go see the diabetic/ maternal fetal medicine nurse specialist lady. I hope this solves the spinning. It's lunch time, baby girls favorite time of the day.

dear Royalpaininmyass,

I understand that some people don't like to wash clothes everyday, but please if you are going to wear a shirt twice, don't wear it TWO days in A ROW! Please alternate thanks. Also, STOP BATHING IN PERFUME DAMNIT. WHEN YOU DO DECIDE TO COME IN, IT MAKES ME SICK.

Thank you,

Wednesday, September 17, 2003


And why the heck do I have to show up to work EVERYDAY, and yet Royalpaininmyass doesn't. They threaten to fire me, so why isn't she out the door?????


I'm so tired of being sick. I'm kinda getting to a point where I'd like the baby to come out (only healthy of course) and just be in my arms. ugh.

Monday, September 15, 2003

Get off the phone Idiot!

Please please please! When you go to the batheroom, hang up the cell phone! It is irritating not only to the person you are talking to, but to other people who may happen to go in the batheroom also. Urgh.


Go to bank
Meijer --mousse, carpet powder, vacuum car
laundry -- take clean up, bring dirty down, etc.
dishes-- wash and put away
watch charmed at 5pm
vacuum main floor
sweep- run swiffer
mop hardwood and kitchen
1/2 bath
sweep downstairs (basement)
clean carpets -- basement stairs (little green cleaning machine)
8:15 haircut
MK $$-- get ready for deposit
9pm TLC Residents LIfe
call KV
pay capital one


Just received a call from the nurse at the OB. They are going to start checking my blood sugars FIVE times a day. OUCH! They are battling insurance right now for a glucometer. Boo. I don't want to go on any stinking diet. (hopefully my blood sugars are fine and I won't have to follow a diet. I'm telling you now, I'd be NO good at it.)

Did you smell that?

Okay I'm back to the perfume issue. Remember how I have a problem with my coworker, lets call her Royalpaininmyass. Well, today Royalpaininmyass is wearing enough perfume that I am sitting at least 25 feet away from her and can still smell her reek. On Friday, Royalpaininmyass didn't show up for work. She works 10-2 (tough, huh?) and called in at 2 to say she was taking a PTO day. Since we are both down here in the library on limited duty I had half a mind to call our regular department (surgery) acting all concerned to see if she had called in. "Oh hi Lynn. I was just wondering if Royalpaininmyass had called in? Well, you know she is supposed to be in at 10am and it's like 1:30 now and she isn't here and hasn't called. We are concerned, did she call you?" Then I'd hang up and laugh cause I'm evil like that (really I'm not evil,just I loathe this chick.) Her day consists of this:

10:15am finally show up
10:45am go to Mail Room (five minutes away)
11:10am come back from Mail Room
11:15am print off 75 page short stories from computer
11:30 decides its time for lunch (uhm, do you get lunch when you work four hours? or is it supposed to be something like 15 minute break?)
12:45 come back from lunch (right.)
1:00 check email, call boyfriend, piss around
1:45 time to go home.

(every other day call in.)

Do you see why Royalpaininmyass drives me nuts? The only work related thing she does is go to the Mail Room. I shelve books, look for articles, copy, run errands, ship out articles to other libraries. Hmph.

**I did see her evaluation. It isn't my fault, she left it on the desk. I got a 4 out of 5. She got a 2.5 out of 5. Oops.**

Anywho. I'll leave her alone. I won't even go into how she wants to stay home from work and let her boyfriend-husband person be teh sole provider (he works as a waiter at a restaurant, steady income huh?) and how she would quit her benefits paid job to stay with baby. Oh insurance? They would just apply for medicaid and WIC. I have no problem with these programs. I know ladies on them only because they HAVE to be and are looking for jobs etc etc etc. She wants to make this as a choice. The mind just boggles.

My weekend drama

The weekend wasn't really filled with drama. The end of the week was. Thursday I blogged that I wasn't feeling well. Friday, after E left for work, I ended up passing out. oops. The OB rushed me into a neurologist. The neurologist thinks my migraines are progressing and that sometimes pressure on the brain will make you pass out. gee, lovely. They are scanning my brain in the morning. I do think it will be somewhat cool because they will scan my whole body once. So you will be able to see all of me, my bones etc, with my little girl tucked inside my belly. Don't you think that will be cool? Oh, and it is an MRI so no radiation. MRI = Magnetic Resonance Imaging. A big giant magnet. And NO radioactive dye. They'll probably run me through that thing again with dye after baby girl is here. We'll see.

Saturday E went to friends and I babysat during the day. Then came home, worked on painting the nursery and cleaned and took a nap and just kinda lazied around.

Sunday we went to BabysRExpensive and registered. :) That was kinda fun. Oh, and we went and visited a friend, E bought a table saw (talk about a kid in a toy store) and we came home. I worked on more painting in the nursery and I cleaned the upstairs thoroughly and worked on laundry. Man I seriously feel like I work 16 hour days, plus do side jobs.

Next up... worker rant, but I'll have to fill my belly first.

PK Kids

Pottery Barn Kids is about to feel the full wrath of a ticked off pregnant woman. Urgh.

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Wedding:: cake
  2. Roach:: clip (heh, where did that come from)
  3. Expense:: s
  4. Fight:: for your right... to ... paaaahteh! lol
  5. Air:: force
  6. Protect:: and serve
  7. Glance:: s
  8. Boo:: halloween
  9. Steamy:: cars
  10. Caviar::yuck

Where does the time go?

I owe my blog a lot of info. It's been craziness this past week. I'm going to go grab some breakfast, get things organized here at work, then catch up my blog on whats been going on! :) I promise! Plus the worker rant.