Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I've Been Hit With the Stupid Stick

That's right, the stupid stick. And in the words of Ron White, "you can't fix stupid." I'm forgetting everything. That sounds like an exaggeration, but really it's not. For instance, I sat down to check email and blogs. I saw Anathea had updated, so I headed over there to check on her and thought of something I should do online or something, and then not 30 seconds later (as long as it took for her page to load) I'd forgotten what it was. I can't for the love of Pete remember what it was.

This kind of thing happens ALL DAY LONG. It's ridiculous. It probably doesn't help that I was up until 2am this morning. I was helping Erich finish up some work for an appointment this morning. And being the loving generous wife that I am, I sent him to bed at 11:30pm and I stayed up finishing stuff. I know he is appreciative, and I know that I would have stayed up with him if I hadn't done his stuff, but I still feel like crap. And apparently I'm cranky to according to my dearest Husband. I wonder why?

And while I'm complaining (heh) why is that every morning when Magdalena wakes up she wants to use the pillow THAT I HAVE MY HEAD ON! Gah! Honestly folks, I love co-sleeping. I can't bear the thought of her sleeping in the other room. But the stealing my pillow in the morning, messing with my face, and generally poking and kicking me in the morning DRIVES ME BATTY. And in all honesty, it probably sours my already bad mood since I am so NOT the morning person.

Complaining over. Magdalena is literally running around in circles in the living room. She got her dose of Elmo this morning and now she's listening to the Dora CD running around in circles. She loves to sing and sings "baaapack! baaapack!" along with the song when it plays, though she has never actually watched an episode of Dora. She can also sing the "elmo song" It's to cute. The other day in the OB exam room she started singing "la la la la la la la la Belbos wurrl" I started singing it with her very quietly "elmo loves his goldfish, his crayons..." and she chimes in at the top of her lungs "TOO! DAT'S BELBO'S WURRLLLLLLLLLLL!" I was laughing so hard. This walls are thin, so thin I can hear the woosh of babies heartbeats, the running of water, the clanking of speculums, so I *know* that every woman in there (possibly in stirups) heard her singing. I'm sure you would all enjoy that while people were poking your girly bits, right?

My blood sugars have been good to. I definitely do NOT have gestational diabetes. If anything I'm running to low during parts of the day. So I'll be glad to be done with this on Sunday. :) Little Bambina is so active these days. I wish I could somehow capture that feeling for you guys and to keep for myself honestly. She can actually move things off my belly and if you watch for a few minutes you can definitely see my belly moving almost constantly. Last night her and I played a little game. She would stretch her foot out, I would push on it and she would pull it back. Then she'd stretch it back out again. We did this for at least a minute. It was pretty cool. :) She must have been thinking "hey I was here first!"

I'm hoping to update the craft blog towards the end of the day. So look for that. ;)