Friday, September 26, 2003

Can I go home now?

Today, I have the meeting with the dietician. I get to leave work at 11am. It's about 10:10 now. Urgh. I hate killing time like this. Nothing to do.

When I leave, I'm going to call my mom and see if she wants to come in before she goes to work so we can go to the mall to look at maternity stuff. I have an abundance of stuff thanks to very generous people, but what I am lacking in the most are casual stuff. I only have one pair of maternity jeans. I would like at least one more pair and maybe a pair of corduroy khakis/khaki pants (obviously beggars can't be choosers). It's cold now and I need more casual stuff. I don't want to wear the dressup stuff all of the time, I NEED comfort. :) My mom said "well you can dig out your winter stuff now" HELLO! Last winter I didn't have this bulging belly! The sweaters will probably fit and my sorority sweatshirts will fit too. (I always bought those REALLY big) **sigh** It seems wasteful to buy clothes that will only be worn for four months, but really, what am I supposed to do?

It was 45 degrees this morning when I left for work. Highs today in the 60s. I love this weather. :) It's supposed to get down to 38 degrees sometime this weekend. Brrr. Okay I'm going to keep surfing and praying that time passes quicker.

Oh and by the way, I'm feeling better with my new eating lifestyles. I'm keeping my blood sugars up and I feel good. Only thing is I'm hungry a lot so I'm going to have to talk to the dietician about how to fill up my belly without sending me into a carbohydrate coma.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Must See TV

YAY! I just remembered that it is Thursday and do you know what that means? The SEASON PREMIERE of FRIENDS and ER! **jumps up and down holding belly** I have to set the tape so Erich can watch Friends and then I'll go downstairs and work on laundry while ER is on. I can't wait till Scrubs and Good Morning Miami come back too. Then my life as a loser will be complete. I just love the fall. :)

((On a side note, I should really stop jumping up and down. I can feel baby girl swooshing up and down with me probably yelling "will you cut that foolishness out!" She must be getting big! My belly moves constantly and now she has discovered that it's fun to kick my tailbone. Owee! As if my fingers aren't sore enough. The sticking my fingers doesn't hurt, it's the tiny bruises that make it rough!))

I made it!

It's after three almost three thirty. Close enough, I'm outta here! :)

Oh my aching...

head. And it's only two oclock. Could the time please pass faster?

By The Way

Send Allison a hug. She misses her grandma.

Rolling along...

That is what we are doing here. I figured out that Erich is hypoglycemic also ( though mine should correct itself after pregnancy). So I've put him on the same diet and it is weird getting used to not having "what I want" and making sure that each meal has what we need. It is also hard to structure and schedule snacks for both him and myself. It is kinda fun to have the structure for the meal and to see the effects that each meal has on my body. And I've figured out how my blood sugars work and what helps optimally for me.

Baby is still in there moving around and seems to be enjoying herself. I'm thankful that we've figured out this eating stuff and are getting beyond that. September seems to be rapidly coming to an end and thus far we really haven't had an Indian(a) *heh* summer. I'm looking forward to snow, though I think that I'm looking forward to winter and snow because it means that baby will be that much closer to being here. I'm enjoying the cool weather and wearing long sleeves. Erich and I are adjusting to a morning routine in the dark. It is pitch black outside now at 6am and almost dark at 6:30pm which is kinda weird, but I love it. It just makes getting up really hard.

I'm trying to stay at work the entire day though that proves hard because it is boring as hell here. Bah. If I can only make it till three. Then if I can make it till three thirty, I'm free to leave then. Two hours and fifteen minutes can be a really long time, though I need to stay cause we need the money.

Oh and by the way let me say that the raises suck and this company sucks and I hate it and I'm glad that when this baby comes out I'll never have to work here again. Yahoo. I applied for FMLA (family medical leave act) once again, though this time I should get it since Tuesday was my one year anniversary. Yeehaw. Okay I'm off to kill time.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003


Pokey the Pincushion!

Well, I saw the diabetic nurse this morning. Ouch. She wants me to test my sugars 7 times a day! Wowee. I see the doctor again in two weeks and she'll probably let me stop testing so often. I DO NOT have diabetes, I have hypoglycemia. I'm on a diet now and was told (once again) that I don't eat enough. Bah. So now I have regularly scheduled snacks.

The guy is here servicing the heater (so Erich won't blow up when he turns it on, heh.) And then I'm going to have my snack and lay down. I'm a tired girl. Thus far I've already poked myself three times, the third time I couldn't get the finger to stop bleeding. It doesn't really hurt, but I'm starting to see tiny bruises. **sigh**

Monday, September 22, 2003


Okay so I'm still here at work. It is extremely boring with NOTHING to do. Sucky. But anyways let me tell you how my Sunday ended up playing out.

As a recap, Sunday I cleaned the upstairs, changed the sheets, took all of the dirty laundry to the basement, vacuumed, and steam cleaned the carpets. Afterwards I came downstairs and made a spaghetti lunch and cleaned up. Well shortly after E and Papa began their naps, the phone rang. Erich's friend wanted to come over with his wife for dinner. Okay that fine. That's when I went into a frenzy. I frantically washed the dishes from the brownies and such. I swept all of the wood floors and the front porch. I ran and cleaned the downstairs batheroom really well and mopped the linoleum and wood floors. I had Erich mop the front porch (that sounds really stupid but it had some stains from a leaky box-- baking soda I believe that needed to be cleaned up). I ran upstairs to take a shower and started cleaning that batheroom (naked no less, doesn't everybody clean their batherooms that way?) After I was dressed I ran and did a check of the upstairs (looked awesome) then ran downstairs, straightened the slip covers on the couch and straightened the pillows. I left Erich fixing up his "stuff" in the yard and ran to the grocery store to buy a few things for dinner. (On a side note, why does every "quick" trip to the grocery store take at least thirty minutes?) I came home and started dinner up. We had enchiladas, spanish rice, and homeade salsa and chips. Then before they got there Erich set the table and I had everything ready to go and all of the "preparation" dishes washed and put away. I had just enough time to sit and watch a little bit of the Charmed marathon on TNT. I was beat and my hips were aching and the little baby was a bit annoyed and kept pushing against the oven, the sink, and I think was generally annoyed that I told her we would take a nap but never got one. We had a nice dinner and they thought the house was nice and I was happy that it was clean. **sigh** I'm to pregnant to be doing this much work though. :)

She's Back!

My friend Melissa is back from Maternity Leave. We just got back from lunch, yumm... She also said that on the days she is here she'll help me u/s baby. So in a couple of days (maybe Wednesday) we'll see if she isn't busy so I can go up there and maybe "check out" baby. (And LOOK in between those legs! heh) :)

Unconscious Mutterings

  1. Savings:: coupons
  2. On:: line
  3. Wire:: clippers
  4. Word:: power
  5. Bladder:: control
  6. Missing:: persons
  7. Side:: view
  8. Window:: seat
  9. Digit:: fingers
  10. Swirl:: cone

Mad Cats

Heh. Cat owners beware.

Everybody Cut Loose... Footloose

For the past two days, baby has put on her dancing shoes and is dancing away in my belly. Not sure what is up with that, or maybe she is just getting strong enough that I feel her even when I am doing stuff that requires thinking. Yesterday as I was cooking she was actually pushing against the oven handle and the sink. Heh. :) A couple of times I felt her I thought I'd actually be able to grab her little foot. It was crazy. Now if only Erich would have patience to lay with his hand on my belly. He touches for a while, but then she quiets down. She is a teaser. heheh. :)

Sunday, September 21, 2003

Sleeping Beauty

You can take a look at the picture of took of the afore mentioned Sleeping Beauties here.

Beans Beans

Oh and as a side note, I really miss Jennifer. I hope all is well and her craziness will end soon.

Isn't that cute?

Everyone is asleep. My grandpa is asleep in the chair, Erich is passed out on the couch, Ella is laying in "her" chair, and Gracy is asleep by the door. Too cute. I'm still busy though. Cleaned the upstairs and cleaned all of the carpets upstairs. Made spaghetti for my grandparents. Just made two batches of brownies and there is jello setting in the freezer. I have more dishes to do and some more laundry. I'd also like to clean up all of the dirt and mop the floors down here (swept and vaccuumed last night) that Papa and Erich walked in. They built Erich a shed outside. I clipped the coupons and need to file them in my little thing. And then I think I might take a shower and lay down and take a nap myself. The dogs both need baths since they played in the dirt with Papa and Erich. So I'll probably do that then take my own shower (to clean up the bathtub heh) and lay down.

I also cleaned out the pantry giving a lot of stuff to my grandma. Stuff that was left from my mom or was given to us that I just know we won't eat. I'm trying to clean stuff up. I'm sick of it all. :) Back to my hum-drum life.