Tuesday, September 30, 2003


Not feeling to chatty lately. Kinda feeling out of it, and just a deep longing to be home cleaning my house, cooking foods that make the house smell of crunchy leaves and good eating. heh. I love fall, especially with my personal heater strapped to my belly, we like the weather.

People have started to refering to me as two instead of one. At first I thought this may be because I feel huge (though I hear I'm not). Now I just think it is because everyone else is coming to the realization that there is another human being trapped within my body. When ordering at the deli yesterday, the guy at the counter said, "you two are hungry huh?" Yes, yes we were. Weird.

I'm learning how to keep my blood sugar up. :) It makes me feel very nice. I love this non constant feeling of nausea. :)

I'm debating about asking to go back to my department. They've had me on a lifting restriction because of my threatened miscarriage way back at the beginning. I have an appt. on Monday and I want to ask to go back. I'm tired of going home early and the measly checks it brings me. I miss my friends/ acquaintances. I miss just the feeling of being around people and seeing neat things and guts hanging out of bellies. I miss the occasional person you get to take to surgery that is pleasant and nice. I miss helping the little babies. I miss doing what I do best-- taking care of people. And I know that when the baby is here I won't be able to work in healthcare for a while. I figure if I go back now, I'll be able to have a bit of fun and do what I love. It will also help the time fly by seeing as it is October now. Leave me a note and tell me if y ou think it sounds like a good idea.

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