Tuesday, December 23, 2003

A long needed update...

So I did update my blogroll as I mentioned I needed to the other day. If you find incorrect links and stuff, please let me know. I think I've fixed them but I'm not perfect.

Erich helped me set up a webpage this last weekend. We automatically get space from the cable company with our subscription to internet, so I figured I could post more pictures then one a day and be able to gush over my baby (not that I won't do that here too) for family. If you would like to see this webpage, please leave a comment with your email address and I'll send you a link. I'd like to know who is going there, since the url does contain our family name. :) Oh, and if you do go, please bear in mind that I am html stupid, so this is also a learning and growing process. :)

Let's see. We had Xmas with Erichs side of the family on Sunday. It was okay. One of my New Years Resolutions is to not be so hard on my MIL. So hold me to it, okay? The dinner was at my SIL house, and they are in the process of remodeling the kitchen. BIL and SIL were both very tired combined with SIL and MIL don't get along, it was interesting. There was no tree up so it made it a bit unfestive. Erich and I were joking later because SIL decorated excessively for Halloween/Fall. There were tons of decorations, yet nothing for Xmas. Just comical to us, considering we do nothing except pumpkins for Halloween. :) Since I did Thanksgiving this year, I want to do Xmas next year. I want to do it for a couple of reasons, I don't want to go through the unfestive, no tree thing with a toddler. I want Baby Girl to remember Xmas with his family as fun and festive. I know she won't remember this at 11 months old but **I** will and there will be pictures, yada yada yada. Secondly, I don't want to drag Baby Girl all over on Xmas. I'd like to have a Christmas Eve dinner for all of us and then Xmas Breakfast and open presents from Santa. My family always had Xmas Breakfast and I would like to keep that tradition going. My grandparents are coming Thursday but I'm not going all out seeing I'm so tired and so pregnant. :) I imagine that our parents (Baby girls grandparents) will want to come next Xmas morning for Santa and such. We'll see. Oh, so SIL doesn't want to flip holidays every year, so I said I wanted Xmas for the rest of eternity. Later Erich agreed with me that it wasn't very festive and he would have liked to see it be more personal and festive at our house. It made me feel good, because I got the impression that he thought I would have accomplished this better. I think Thanksgiving was a HUGE success. It was a lot of fun, but a lot of tough work. It was also smart of me to do that this year being 30 weeks pregnant and NOT doing Xmas this year, cause truthfully I don't think I would have been up to it.

Okay moving on...Oh! Friday I was given VTO (volume induced time off) so I worked around the house, cleaned, and MOPPED THE FLOORS! :) Notice the comment in this post from my wonderful husband. Of course, it is starting to look like I should redo it and the carpets need vaccuumed but that's the way it goes. I was give VTO tomorrow, Xmas Eve, so I will do it most likely then. I was sent home yesterday early and today early and tomorrow I have off and who knows what will happen Friday. There were only five cases scheduled tomorrow and 12 scheduled on Friday. My next check is going to look pitiful. I really wanted to work more too in case DR does induce in the middle of January. We'll see. I'm sure we'll be fine, I'm just going to miss those checks! I think I'll be much happier when Baby Girl is here and I'm holding her. I won't even think about the missed checks until I pay bills! hahaha!

Erich and I went to the library on Saturday. He rented "The Shining." If you knew E, this would be surprising because he is not one for scary movies, but he enjoys Stanley Kubrick. We watched in on Sunday and it was very scary! REDRUM! REDRUM! creepy... I borrowed Xmas cookie cookbook and Good Housekeeping Cookbook. I just finished flipping through the entire 700 pg Good Housekeeping book and jotted down 30 or so recipes I'd like to copy and keep. I'll put them on recipe cards tomorrow.

Yesterday after work I came home and cooked! I made salsa, spanish rice, chx rice "stuff", baked spaghetti, and a pizza. I want to make cornbread muffins tomorrow and some drop sugar cookies. I'd also like to try my hand at some basic muffins, we'll see. :)

So I'm in my 35th week of pregnancy, and I'm exhausted. Sleep continues to be a rough thing to get. Just not comfy. And I have to go to the batheroom so often. The worst is when I wake up and have to go really bad but I don't want to get up because I know as soon as I stand Baby Girl and all of her five and half pounds combined with gravity will come crashing down on my bladder making a very painful feeling. And I'm so stiff that it takes me a minute to get going. I look like a little old lady getting out of bed in the nursing homes! It makes me think of all those night shifts I worked where I made them get out of bed to go instead of using a bed pan! I realize now why they wanted a bedpan, cause they ache! But I still hold that was better for them to get out of bed because if you can get up you should. The more mobile you are, the longer it sticks around.

Anywho, baby is getting bigger. Everyone says so. She keeps her foot stuck up in my left side that it feels like she is poking my left boob. I don't think my mom thinks I will make it much longer. She keeps implying that I will go into labor soon after the New Year. And when I call her on the phone, the first thing she asks is if I am in labor.

Oh and a huge thank you to Allison. A card is in the works, but she made me a beautiful baby blanket. I'll post a pic soon. It is gorgeous and way considerate. Thank you so much!

I think that's about it right now. I'll post more tomorrow. :)

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