Thursday, November 27, 2003

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm off to work now. :( Isn't it wrong that I have to work? All those people stuffing themselves full with belly aches and then realizing, oh somethings wrong maybe I should go to the hospital. What? My appendix needs taken out. Bah. Have a good one, I'll think of you all while I'm working. ;)

Monday, November 24, 2003

It's the most wonderful time...

of the year! It's snowing! The first snowfall in Indiana! :) And you know what that means, right? IT'S COMING YOUR WAY RACHEL! And it also means the time for baby to arrive is getting very very close! We are all bundled up now and I have to pack some sandwiches in my purse then we are off to the Saturn dealership (without an appointment) to wait all day in hopes of them fixing the mysterious squeak. I figure while I'm paying the fee for them to look around, I'll have them plug the antenna back to the radio (it falls off all of the time leaving you with static) and have them check the brakes. Not that I'm made of money, I'm sure capital one will enjoy the business though. It's better to get this fixed now while I can pay for it with that check I make every two weeks then say, oh Feb. 1 when I no longer have a job.

PS How do you like this two entries in two days thing? :) Belly picture tonight, when I find the camera. As I was staring in the mirror this morning, before my shower, I've noticed I'm really starting to point out! Funny.

Sunday, November 23, 2003

On to Christmas.

Well, with that we bid Thanksgiving goodbye. We had Thanksgiving dinner today. I actually work Thanksgiving day from 7am to 2:50 or so. The shower was yesterday, and I'm completely exhausted.

The shower was great, we received tons of gifts including an IU onsie from my best friend Phoebe. I hung it in our high chair, heh, for my stepdad to look at over dinner today. :) He is a Purdue alum so I expect to see something from Purdue coming soon! Phoebe got to feel the baby move. She is absolutely amazed that I am pregnant. :) So after the shower I came home and kept working on the house in preparation for today. We also went to Kokomo to get the oil changed in the Saturn (which by the way is making a funny noise, so I must take tomorrow off and haul it to the dealership in hopes of a small small minute repair that requires little to no money. heh) Erich got his xmas present. He is using it right now. heh. I'll wrap the box and stick it under the tree which I hope to put up tomorrow or something.

I was up until 1am last night baking bread. We ended up with 32 pounds of it. Some in 1 pound containers, others in 2lb loaves, and in my desperation last night at 12:00 with batter still left to be cooked, I made muffins with it. heh. It's amish friendship bread so its sweet and we can eat it in the mornings and such. The menu today was:

Spiral Glazed Ham
Stuffing with chx (made by my mother)
Sour Cream Potatoes
Green Bean Casserole (you've seen the TV commercials, right? I felt like a hostess failure not to provide this "tradition")
Corn Casserole
Wheat Rolls
Pumpkin Pie
Dutch Apple Pie
Ice Cream

They troops rolled in around 1230ish and we ate around 1ish with desert around 3ish. My MIL and FIL , who own a gardening business, brought 400 bulbs to be planted. (yes you read that right 400.) They planted those after desert. (yes all 400 of them) All 'those people" left at around 4:30 and Erich and I climbed into bed at 5! We are up now after a two hour nap. Erich is downstairs "playing" with his xmas present. (oh, it's a planer) I'm about to sit down for Charmed and enjoy the first leftover ham sandwich with other leftovers.

I'm feeling incredibly pregnant and can't believe that I actually did all of this baking and cooking today. Baby is creeping farther and farther into my ribs and my breathe is leaving me. When I layed down after dinner, I was actually having ctx. I really over did myself. They had to be braxton hicks, but I was at the point where I almost called the doctor since they hurt so bad. I waited until after the nap though, and as I thought, they have left. I really should take it easy, huh? She is welcome in 7 weeks when I will be term. I'm telling her punctiality is overated, that being early is the best kind of person to be! :) Okay picture later. Charmed now. :)