Monday, February 02, 2004

Remember Me?

I'm alive. Sorry for the lack of updates, but Andrea Q told me to go back to bed. ;) We are trudging along out here. We survived the snow dump we had towards the middle of the week and have just been nestled in together. I've spent the last few days not venturing far from bed because I've started bleeding new blood and passing clots so I had been doing to much. Things are better now.

Nursing is going great. The lactation consultant/visiting nurse that came on Tuesday said not to worry about the nipple shield. That most babies would "outgrow" it. So I stopped worrying about it. I figured that if I had to wear the shield the rest of the time I nursed that it was a small sacrifice to make, right? Well, Thursday or Friday I popped her on and after a few minutes pulled her off, pulled the shield off, and popped her back on and she went to town without the shield! She nursed on the other side without the shield too. Every other time or so she'll need the shield, but most times she just looks put off that I didn't offer her the "real" thing first! She's amazing.

Part of her cord fell off. They thought the outside part would fall off first because it was so big and the inside cord part was so tiny. It did and now we are just waiting for a very small piece inside to fall out. :)

We are in transition between sposies and cloth diapers. She is too small for my prefolds at this point. The kissaluvs and other fitted diapers that Rachel sent are the only ones that fit her. And some of those are bit on the big side. So my mom bought another pack of sposies and we are using cloth during the day, and sposies at night ( so I can wash the cloth). Hopefully she'll be growing into the prefolds soon.

She is gaining weight too. When she left the hospital she was down to 5lbs 15oz. When the visiting nurse came she was 6lbs 11/2 oz and at the doctors on Wednesday she was 6lbs 51/2oz. (different scales/different weights) But she is gaining which makes me feel so much better! :)

Well, I have the meat for dinner in the fridge marinating, now we're just waiting for Daddy to come home. Keep checking fotolog.net cause I try and put up a picture everyday. :) Gotta go lie down and nurse, the princess calls...

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