Thursday, April 15, 2004

12 weeks 1 day

Well, it has been 12 weeks and 1 day since Magdalena Eusevia was born. Wow, time flies and what a journey it's been. This little girl is still wearing 0-3 month clothing. And she still has a bit of room! I have put 1 or 2 3-6 month outfits on her and they are still super big. Oh well. Just today she learned to roll from her stomach to her back. Yeehaw, that made me happy. She is successfully finding her fingers to suck on and can successfully latch herself on to the breast with minimal help. She has been holding her head up with more and more ease and now tries to actually sit up. This girl wants to move! She talks to us now for what seems like hours. She coos and gurgles and always wakes up with a smile. She naps like a champ which Mommy loves. She recognizes both Mommy and Daddy and doesn't tolerate other people that long. When putting pressure on her feet, she'll hold her entire body up with just our hands to keep her from falling over. She is 100% breastfed and cloth diapered. And she is simply amazing.

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