Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Yet Another Meme

Since I'm having a hard time writing, I'll keep up with this meme thing and maybe you'll learn something about me!

Tuesday Twosome


1. Side of the bed: Left or Right? Right

2. Sleep with or without covers? I sleep with covers but usually have one leg thrown over the covers.

3. Sleep with or without night light? No night light, but we did have one in the hallway on the way to bathroom while I was pregnant.

4. Deep or light sleeper? Pretty deep, though I generally know where Magdalena and Erich are in the bed at all times to keep from people squishing people and such. It must be my new sixth sense.

5. More annoying to be awoken by: alarm or phone call? The alarm is pretty annoying, as it tends to wake up Magdalena too. We have a cell phone only so the phone doesn't ring all over the house. When I worked in nursing homes, I would always be getting a phone call at 4 or 5 in the morning, asking me to come in and cover a shift. Those phone calls were incredibly annoying.

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