Saturday, May 08, 2004

Case of the Blahs

I've had a major case of the blahs lately. Just can't seem to shake the darn things, though I seem to be coming around. Magdalena and I have been taking daily walks, which may be helping a bit. My mom bought Magdalena an exersaucer this week. Well actually what happened is I went to see my cousin Alicia and we took Magdalena to Babies R Expensive to see if she would like the exersaucer. The thing is freaking expensive so I wanted reassurance. She did in fact enjoy the thing a ton. So we went to Target and found one cheaper that folds easily (yay we can take it to grammy's house!) and so I called my mom from there and told her that Magdalena was in love with the exersaucer and how it would make my life SO much easier. (heh) I could hear my stepdad in the back saying "go ahead, you can buy it for her, I don't care!" So Grammy said yes and M has an exersaucer. She isn't heavy enough to make the seat sag so she can actually make it "bounce" but she can touch the bottom with her feet and she can rock that thing like crazy. I swear her eye hand coordination has improved DRASTICALLY since buying it. It may just be the curve she is on, but ya know I tell my mom it's because she bought the exersaucer. **wink wink**

I am getting so much more done. With much more playtime, Magdalena has been taking better naps again. I was able to do a lot of laundry yesterday and clean the carpet in the basement with the steam cleaner and some oxyclean. Those damn dogs took advantage of me but everyone is once again house trained since the arrival of Miss Diva. Erich also tracks down there as the workshop is down there. Nobody said white colored Berber was a good idea, but I didn't put it in. :) Anyways, it looks much better, and improves my mood as I go downstairs to do laundry. Yeehaw.

Magdalena within the last week has learned to grab her toes, grab toys and stick them in her mouth, sit with some assistance, and laugh. She has been laughing for several weeks, but this week she has been laughing a lot. As she is getting more interested in toys, life is getting easier to entertain her. She is an exceptional learner, which I add up to all that wonderful breastmilk! :)

Speaking of breastmilk, Magdalena and I went to our first La Leche League meeting. It was nice to talk to people though I still feel a bit more "crunchy" then these ladies, but it was interaction. And I was able to talk to people and not be embarrassed about having a baby grabbing at my breast a lot. :) I even latched her on while giving an answer to a question and not feeling nervous that I was going to flash someone. :)

Magdalena and I went to the library this week. I got a new library card because it had been a while since I used mine. I had been using Erichs because I thought mine had some fines on it. The erase your name if the card hasn't been used for two years so score on my part! We checked out some books on family nutrition, home organizing, and some parenting magazines which I disagree with about 75% of the stuff in there. Oh well.

Today I received a Mothers Day card from my MIL which shocked the hell out of me! It contained a check for $100 instructing me to buy some diapers! Yee haw! I went straight to the computer and bought a dozen from the Kissaluvs outlet store which has colors! yay! That excited me I tell ya! My mom bought me some flowers for the four boxes we have on the porch. The porch looks great and makes you happy when you walk in the house. Have I ever mentioned that my Mom rocks? I didn't used to appreciate her as much as I do now. She is really great to Erich and Magdalena and has given Magdalena a TON of stuff that we probably wouldn't have been able to buy her (like the exersaucer). :)

We cut some flowers this morning and took them to my Grandma. They were flowers that were already in full bloom and about to die in the next couple of days but I clipped some mint and put that in the vase and they really looked beautiful. We took her out for a muffin and coffee and she seemed to enjoy that and loved the flowers.

We bought buffalo chx pizza for my mothers day present and it rocks. I love that pizza. :)

We are going to my Moms house tomorrow. Her sister is flying in from Texas tonight and we'll all celebrate Mothers Day together. The sister that is coming in, is the Mom of my other cousin that had triplets. Remember her? This is the first time she'll see her triplet grandbabies, so that should be exciting. I'm sure after spending five or so days in that tiny house with the triplets, she may be ready to go home. heh. Though, my aunt did have 10 kids so it may not phase her. (hey, we're mexican, what do you expect! hahaha) We are going to go on Monday and have pictures taken again of them all so that should be fun. My mom is also going to look for some 0-3 month summer clothes. The summer clothes we have are 3-6 which is still pretty big on my tiny girl. I was beginning to worry about weight gain, but I've noticed that Magdalena has grown in length considerably judging by where her feet hit on the carseat, so that makes me feel better.

Erich is telling me that Magdalena is hungry, so that means I must get up. Sorry about the absence of blogging. I'm feeling a lot better so should sit down more often now. :)

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