Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Comments, again

When installing Blogger comments, I did not realize that you would have to have a user name to sign in, or you had to post anonymously. I don't like that feature. So on my list of things to do today, is to switch back to Haloscan.

Today we tried out the hip carry in the Maya Sling. I do these new carrys with Erich home so he can be the extra two hands that are required sometimes when figuring out the new hold. (I'm overly cautious, I wouldn't want to drop her on her head!) She has superb head control and really has since about two months. We got her on the hip in the sling and went to do dishes. It worked out great. I was able to do the dishes and think that I could probably do laundry like that also. Magdalena LOVES the water. She loves being in it and she loves watching it. So she just watched the water and the suds the entire time. There is an aquatics class for babies 6mos and older offered by the hospital where she was born. I think that would be a fun activity for us and a way to get her in the water early. She'll be "qualified" in July, so I think we will do that this summer.

In other news, Magdalena is on the verge of sitting up! She is really really working hard on that! :) With the warm weather we've also been doing coverless diapering so it keeps me on my toes a lot more. So we've been very busy around here!

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pam said...

I don't like blogger comments either. Sticking with what I have.

Coverless diapering.....that's living on the edge! But it's probably good entertainment for Tipton! :)